Fiscal, social conservatives attack Trump in SC


Warts and all, I like Trump, he’s not my first choice but what he says is refreshing in this day and age.

But CWA, Concerned Women in America, a Pro-Life group, as in Iowa, has come out against him again and no offense to anyone, I commend them for doing this. Per the link, the Susan Anthony list has too. I agree with this too. :thumbsup:

Fiscal, social conservatives attack Trump in SC**

Fiscal and social conservatives who attacked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Iowa began to do the same thing in South Carolina today, eight days before the South’s first presidential preference primary.

The Club for Growth said its political arm would spend about $1.5 million to broadcast an anti-Trump ad in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, a group of anti-abortion activists urged South Carolina Republicans to vote for anybody but Trump on Feb. 20.

The anti-abortion activists denounced Trump during a press conference at Bob Jones University in Greenville, where four Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to campaign later today.

“Donald Trump doesn’t exemplify the same values as evangelicals,” declared Tonya Shellnutt of Rock Hill, state director of Concerned Women for America, one of the groups represented at the press conference. “I cannot see his heart, but what comes out of his mouth should shame us all.”

Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks did not immediately respond to an emailed offer to give a rebuttal.

Other groups represented at the press conference were the Susan B. Anthony List and Upstate Young Republicans.

All that said, some poll comes out showing Trump roaring up towards 40% popularity nationally with Republicans.

Something definitely for all Christians, Social Conservatives and Pro-Lifers to pray about.

Add On: It seems Trump made a promise of no more profanity, Mediaite has such a story.


**Christian conservatives pivotal in the South, and feeling under siege **
*]Same-sex marriage and abortion stoke anxiety

*]Even saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is out

*]Frustration with GOP’s unfulfilled promises

Because of their opposition to issues like same-sex marriage, abortion and others, many Christian conservative voters in the South and elsewhere feel their faith and the moral code by which they live is under siege and look to the political arena for support.

Read more here:


Reads like the GOP establishment groups are firing at Trump with both barrels


If one did not know it, the Susan B. Anthony list and Concerned Women of America are indeed, very prominent pro-life groups, especially, the former.

Could the GOP elite or established, marshal groups to protest? Yes.

Would pro-life groups or pro-lifers be offended by some language used by Trump? Yes, again.

To me, this lady with the last name Shellnutt:

“Donald Trump doesn’t exemplify the same values as evangelicals,” declared Tonya Shellnutt of Rock Hill, state director of Concerned Women for America, one of the groups represented at the press conference. “I cannot see his heart, but what comes out of his mouth should shame us all.”

Shellnutt is a known name in North Carolina and Tennessee, there was even a prominent Southern Gospel singer named Dale Shellnutt, so to me, when I saw that name, I didn’t doubt the authenticity along with this same thing having occurred in Iowa previously.

They are not saying they hate Trump, but just that they disapprove of some behavior.


They say the punches get big in SC.


And that is where Lee Atwater came from, they mentioned 2 other famous people from there in that same vein. Yes, they have said “bloodbath” about SC, that might be an exaggeration but something like that. Hard hitting! That’s it, sounds a bit down and dirty from reading the news but they say that’s the way they like it out there! So who are we to judge?

I hope no one has Dan Quayle moments or anything like that at tomorrow’s debate and worse, the media seems to exaggerate a faux pas really…


Family Research Council endorsed Ted Cruz, I looked at the National Organization of Marriage, the pro-Marriage (traditional) people, they seemed to have a bit of an anti-Trump ad there (blog), so these types of organizations are just making their voices heard.

Concerned Women For America website:

CWA is built on prayer and action.

We are the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with a rich history of over three decades of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy.

What We Do

We help people focus on seven core issues, which we have determined need Biblical principles most and where we can have the greatest impact. At its root, each of these issues is a battle over worldviews.

We have several active departments in our national office in Washington, D.C.

CWA is a unique blend of policy experts and an activist network of people in small towns and big cities across the country working to address mutually held goals and concerns. Meet the CWA spokespersons. As a non-profit organization, CWA works with many other groups around the country.
Mission Statement

The mission of CWA is to protect and promote Biblical values among all citizens — first through prayer, then education, and finally by influencing our society — thereby reversing the decline in moral values in our nation.

Sounds real evangelical.


I wonder if the stance of leaving marriage to the states would be acceptable today in terms of Catholic teaching for the singular purpose of mitigating the damage?


“Anyone but Trump” in South Carolina:
Pro-Life Women Leaders Speak Out

It says:

Last month a similar coalition letter signed by Iowa and national pro-life women leaders to Republican caucus-goers contributed to a significant slowdown in momentum for Trump ahead of caucus day.

This apparently happened at the Faith and Family Forum:

Trump didn’t show up to the #FaithFamilyForum but sent a surrogate—who organizers relegated to a break between candidates’ speeches.

At least 1/3 of crowd at Bob Jones University makes for the exits while surrogate preaches about Trump’s pro-life beliefs. This is…awkward


None of this will matter because there are still six people running. Trump will get 34-38% of the vote, and the remaining 62-66% will be split between the other five, leaving (once again) Trump as the runaway winner. Problem is, a great many people will refuse to ride the Trump train in November.

Oh well, 4-8 more years of a Democrat in the WH, and that should just about do it for the un-recoverability factor for this nation. It will also just about eliminate the Republican Party from any significance in this country. I suppose, once the GOP has been fully marginalized, it will make things easier having one political party.


I remember thinking way back when, upon first hearing that Trump was running, “He can’t be seriously doing this right now.” I was wrong! Now it’s wishful thinking.




I remember thinking that people would never support him in numbers that mattered. Oh how wrong was I and many others who felt the same way. I never believed Republicans would for vote for a lifetime Democrat–but we live a world where things are upside down.


I keep thinking about Romans, Chapter 1.


Has there been a situation before where there was this many candidates with a frontrunner among the pack, and part of the field divided, like between Rubio, Bush and Kasich, and the frontrunner ended up not winning and somebody from the divided field won the nomination?

It’s not just about the field whittling down to stop Trump, although that is very important, but it’s also about the person or people left, one of them being able to beat Trump.


Me, too :frowning:


That is an excellent question, and have no answer. I agree–one of the others would have to be able to beat Trump. Time will tell I suppose. I just can’t imagine Trump’s number can reach very high, but nothing in today’s world surprises me.


Indeed–the questions is: Is God giving us up to our corporate sins as Paul spoke of on a personal level? I believe God works at the micro and the macro levels–on the micro level He works with individual people/souls, and then on the macro level He works with entire nations or groups of people. When God works on a macro level, that is when everyone is impacted whether they committed the given sins or not.

Matthew 5:45 RSV

…"so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust."

Which means we might get we deserve, rather than what we want.


This is exactly the conversation my husband and I had yesterday. It’s a terrible, terrible thought.


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