Fish Fridays


The cafeteria at my office started serving fish on Fridays a couple months ago. Do you think this is the result of someone Catholic complaining?

The thing is, there have always been other options: tuna sandwiches, cheese/veggie pizza, etc.

I've been trying to do the whole abstinence thing for my Friday penance.


I'm not sure sure it has to do (today) with anything Catholic, just a hold over from days past when just about everyone ate fish on Friday BECAUSE Catholics did. Wendy's for example (in my area anyway) only sells fish sammich during Lent. Is this because they are trying to please Catholics? I think it is more likely because there are others who also don't eat meat during that time of the year.

I used to date an Evangelical Protestant and he didn't eat meat on Friday during Lent.

Just enjoy the options - and be glad you have them!! :)



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