fish symbol got "stolen"


I was wondering if any of you is using a fish symbol on your car.
My girlfriend’s car and my friend’s car, both had the symbols, and both got lost. Somebody ripped them off. The probably don’t like the meaning of it.

Did it ever happen to you?


No, but I’m sorry that happened to you. :frowning:


I am sorry too. I never had one, but that is vandalism and theft. A police report is in order. Christians dont have to turn a blind eye to hate crime.


It’s really lousy of people to steal your fish. :mad: I don’t think the police would do anything about it though.

When you said “stolen” I thought the thread was gonna be about the silly fish with legs ones that say EVOLUTION on them. People just can’t leave well enough alone either way.


How sad is that! Stealing the fish symbol. Hopefully they get good use out of it. Good grief. I’ve never had anything like that happen before, but I don’t have anything on the exterior of the car. On the two back passenger windows (inside) I have stained glass style window clings of Jesus and Mary (this one & this one). That could be a good alternative, as people are less likely to steal a decal that’s attached to the inside of the car.


I never saw window clings like that. Thanks LPF for the links. :slight_smile:

I think I just came up with a few ideas for window clings. I bet the craft stores have the stuff to make them on your printer at home…

I will be making some phone calls now, because if I can make my own, I would love to have my favorite icons reproduced on clings even for the house!


Yes, in the mall parking lot a bunch of stuff got removed from my car. I suspect it is just vandalism, not necessarily a religious statement. Most of my items had nothing to do with faith.


Me too…in a mall parking lot a few years ago, someone stole the magnetic sign that had my business info painted on it. Unless they just really wanted to drive around town advertising for me, it was probably kids having some “fun”.

Too bad about water’s fish. :frowning: Have y’all seen the women who take their handbags up to Communion with them? That’s sad if you’re afraid the little old lady in the pew behind you is going to steal your checkbook!


I don’t have a fish symbol, or anything else for that matter, on the outside of my car. I’m sorry someone decided to steal your friends’ emblems, though.

Years ago, a family friend had several pro-life bumper stickers on her car and people would regularly vandalize her car because of them. She would come out of public places and find the stickers scraped off and the car scratched. She’d just replace the stickers each time it happened.


I always thought that was the people who leave after receiving, instead of waiting until the mass is over …


Did you see on the news where a woman was attacked while praying in church? She fended off the attack by stabbing the man with her pen. So, stealing in church isn’t the worst thing that can happen.


The pastor of my parish has warned women not to leave their purses in the pew when they are not there. The collection was stolen during Mass and during several other instances. Sad what is happening to our world.


You know, there have been thefts in church. Not to point fingers or accuse, but we do get a lot of guests that are not regular members at our parish. I dont leave early, but I do take mine up with me, or opt not to take it at all if I can get away with it. I am sure it happens in larger churches of all types.


In my neighbourhood, there was a guy who got arrested after stealing out of poor boxes at several churches, Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran. He finally got caught because he stole from a church that had security cameras. He pleaded guilty to all the church thefts in court.


Not the little old lady’s only! I’ve had my purse stolen while at church. I don’t dare bring it now and if I do I make sure it is with me at all times. (That includes going up for communion)


That is aweful… Probably some kids who thought they were being cool by stealing something off the outside of a car… I hope they didn’t do anything else to it! :slight_smile:

Why does it automatically have to be a ‘Hate Crime’? They didn’t damage the cars in any other way. They didn’t set them on fire, or scratch the paint, or put huge dents in it. So how is it a hate crime?

This is an issue in this world today. Not you exactly but your post gave me food for thought. Instead of trying to look at the ‘crime’ through love and turning the other cheek as Christ has said (after all no REAL harm had been done) hoping that the kids will think about God when they look at what they stole, we automatically jump to the conclusion that it was a hate crime against Christians. As a society we are so quick now to say that if something is done against us it is because of our race, creed, or sex. Why? Some people just do things because they are stupid. It’s not a hate crime just an idiot thing to do but the person they did it to is so sensitive that it turns out to be bigger than it is. When did we become such a sniveling, whiny, ‘I am going to tell mommy on you’ type of country? Just look at sexual harrassment suits or any law suit for that matter… I would wager that 60% of the law suits out there are leaning more on the frivelous side… Sorry, :blush: my rant is over… Continue on with the thread! Geez, can you tell this is a hot button for me???

I pray that the HS convicts those kids to think about what they have done when they look at those symbols. Who knows:shrug:, but wouldn’t that be a COOL conversion story? :smiley:


That’s happen in my parish too.

It’s sad when anything is taken.

OP… sorry about your fish…

I don’t have stuff on my car but the window cling of Jesus on the cross looked cool to me. :smiley:


That’s really sad that you can’t even feel safe from thieves at church. :frowning:


Sinners, even active ones are and should be welcome to Church.

That does not mean we have to check common sense at the door thinking “its Church, no one will do anything here”


I dont make the laws. I have no idea what they are in your state, but trust me the laws where I live leave it very wide open to include the lamest of reasons to convict someone of a hate crime.

I know someone (indirectly) who got charged with it for using the N word.
I dont want to elaborate, but if you were getting beat up by 3 black youths you may just shout the N word out on accident too.
He was charged with a hate crime.
This, is a hate crime to me. Everyone knows what that symbol means. To take it away is a sign of hate towards it.
What if it had been the star of david?
What do you think would happen then?

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