So how do you like yours?

I’ve been partial to just putting salt (and perhaps a bit of a vegetable mix) and a bit of flour on it before frying - makes it taste fresh and good. Yummy. My family generally insist on bread crumbs. One of my mates prefers sesame on his. The one with curcuma and lemon grass at the Chinese bar doesn’t lack awesomeness, either. What’s your favourite?


I like mine on wy wifes plate as i am eating a big juicy steak:)


I like mine with olive oil and a little garlic salt and cracked pepper! :smiley:


When I make mine, I like to grill, bake or pan fry with lots of fresh herbs, a bit of bread crumbs and fresh cherry tomatoes baking up all around.

When I am feeling decadent or visiting the beach, fried clams or friend shrimp is heaven in a basket! More seafood than fish, but delicious none the less.


Just salt, pepper, and lemon, especially on salmon.


I like mine swimming in the water. I dislike the taste of fish, and generally only eat it a Friday or 2 in Lent as a penance…:stuck_out_tongue:

Unless it’s a good (and I do mean good) tuna salad. I guess that is acceptable. :o

The rest though…blech. I agree with estesbob…gimme a steak!:thumbsup:


Mmmmm, steak!! No fish!!!:mad:


The best way to prepare fish (IMHO) is to marinade it in Diana Marinade - Garlic and Herb. Unfortunately, according to the website, it’s only available in Canada… Sometimes I bake it in the oven with margarine, lemon juice, rosemary, salt and pepper.

One of these days, I have to try cedar-planked salmon. That sounds delicious!!! Has anyone tried it?


never thought to use Diana Lemon and Herb on fish…will have to try that …


Depends on the fish.

One of the best fish dinners on this planet can be had at the Mayflower in Jackson, MS. They take a thick steak of amberjack and cook it on the grill with butter and worchestershire (sp). Add some fresh cut fries, the rolls and some bread pudding - perfect meal.


The best way to cook fish is not to cook it at all. I also like to go spear fishing and grill up whatever we catch right there on the boat or pull up some oysters right from the water and shuck them. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. :thumbsup:


mmm fresh Oysters yes! I live by the coast, but it is Long Island Sound so I don’t really trust the sea life around here for eating, but there is a place I get fresh clams from time to time and I haven’t grown any extra appendages yet.


I like it lightly coated with a bit of flour and a little salt, then sauteed in a little olive oil. Then I like to deglaze the pan with a little sherry and lemon juice, and add a little pat of butter to thicken it to make a nice sauce.


Near the fire sit there with a string of small fish, for supper.:shrug:


Haha, Y’all are makin me hungry :slight_smile:
I like deep-fried catfish, or salmon grilled with onions and pesto.
And to the meat-eaters who seem to hate fish, what do you do for your Friday penance if you eat meat?


Eat veggies instead! :thumbsup:

But if you must eat fish, a good tuna sub is awesome.

Also, I am curious as to what counts as fish. Can I eat shellfish and still be in penance?




There are MANY things to eat on Fridays in Lent instead of fish…which several of my kids don’t like.

How about…
~ Broccoli and/or cauliflower cheddar soup
~ Bean burgers and/or veggie burgers (can be found in the freezer section)
~ Marinated portobello mushroom caps, broiled & served on bun
~ Use “fake meat” (Morningstar Farms) in chili, sloppy joes, etc.
~ Fake meatloaf (several good ones include oatmeal, walnuts, etc. & can be found on Recipe 'zaar site)
~ My favorite: Pasta e fagioli (Italian macaroni & bean soup)
~ Egg salad sandwiches
~ Egg frittatas
~ Vegetable quiche
~ Homemade mac & cheese
~ Cheese pizza with or without veggies (homemade or takeout)

Nobody has to eat fish. In fact, at the price of some fancy fish & seafood, I sometimes wonder what the penance is?!! My dh’s cousin used to regularly go to Red Lobster on Fridays in Lent–to eat crab legs and/or lobster. I personally think staying home & eating a balogna sandwich would be more of a penance!!! :shrug:


Tuna mac


Frozen breaded fish filets out of a box.
Frozen hush puppies out of a bag.
Sautee in olive oil. Delicious and doesn’t taste “fishy”

Grilled cheese and tomato soup!

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