Fisheaters: A Questionable Forum and Website

I believe that Fisheaters, particularly its forum is dangerous to the faith and can cause scandal. Many of those one that forum may not be who they claim to be. The owners are both questionable characters, please see the following link:

God Bless.

Ironic that the person who will give away their real names doesn’t even put up their own name. Either way, Fisheaters has always seemed to be a great resource for me, especially concerning traditional practices of fasting, prayers, scapulars, postures/genuflections, and the Order of the Mass. I’ve never been to their forum.

These are not the bad parts, it is the forum that is the problem and characters that are running it.

I love the information on Fisheaters under “Being Catholic” it’s a great reference.
Did you join this forum just to bash that one? Your profile says you are intrested in living your Catholic faith, have you ever read about the sin of detraction?
I have a feeling St.Pius V is not who you really are.

Um yes…and these two are public figures of a well known forum like Karl Keating is to this forum. They already announced their scandal two years ago, this isn’t something that no one knows. Error has no right.

I remember when this was announced and lead to disagreements among members of the forum and former members at other forums. At any rate, how do you know whether their marriages have been regularized, or whether they are living as husband and wife, and other personal details? And lastly, how exactly will ‘blackmail’ of this kind stop their website and what real good will it do?

Whatever person sins they may have surely will not change the accuracy of facts they give.

There is a site I frequently consult that is run by sedevacantists, but it has the Roman Martyrology easily availble. I don’t have to agree with their churchmanship to find their translations useful.

To judge the website by the owners sins is the very definition of an ad hominim arguement. Is there any thing specifically about the site that is troubling?

Yeah, it looks like it, judging from the link in the OP’s signature which leads to a blog entirely devoted to ousting Fisheaters.

StPiusV, while your intentions may be good, what you’re doing and the way you’re going about it is off putting and worryingly propagandizing, which just detracts from your own credibility.

You’re correct, the website is not the problem, its the forum.

What good will spreading another’s sin around the internet do?

That doesn’t really matter, The Catechism of Pope St. Pius X states the following about these situations:

25 Q: In what condition would the spouses be who would live together united only by a civil marriage?

A: Spouses who would live together united by only a civil marriage would be in an habitual state of mortal sin, and their union would always be illegitimate in the sight of God and of the Church.

And lastly, how exactly will ‘blackmail’ of this kind stop their website and what real good will it do?

It will prevent others form being exposed to neo-Modernism, public scandal, and the advocacy of grave sins.

The site itself contains a lot of good information about Traditional Catholicism.

But the forum is a mess. There are people there who condone modern pagan rock music, which is very un-Catholic to do.

Do you think God is going to hold your sins against you as grudgingly as you are holding the sins of others against them?

You’re making some pretty wild claims. Are you prepared to offer evidence of the avocation of neo-modernism, public scandal, and grave sins on the Fisheaters forums?

I think Fisheaters has SOME good information…But at times it seems borderline schismatic or even outright wrong. I’d take it with a grain of salt.

I find it extremely offensive that an anonymous ‘blog’ is being put forth as ‘fact’.

I have found Fisheaters an excellent website and the forums are meant to be just that: Forums. . . places of discussion, and carefully noted by Quis and Vox not to be necessarily reflective of their own personal views.

Certainly the posters there (as anywhere) can be problematic. Here at CA those posters will be given warning and (if they don’t chose to follow the warning) banned; at Fisheaters they are less likely to be banned and more often than not tolerated or ignored. This has its good points (we all know of posters who, when banned, just keep on generating new identities and causing new troubles --if there is one troublesome poster who doesn’t get banned, though, everybody gets to know the ‘one’ persona and to take said postings with the appropriate grains of salt/ alka seltzer/ bell, book and candle/ whatever.)

And of course before reading the Fisheaters forums all this is spelled out very succinctly. It is as I said a slightly different style. . .but I think that it works, there anyway, quite well.

And there is a wealth of wonderful information on traditional Catholicism that you just won’t find anywhere else. I found St. Louis de Montfort’s “Total Consecration to Mary” there several years ago (back when it was, I believe, “kensmen”) and I will always be grateful to them for that and for all the information that I either found there fully, or where enough information was given to me that I could go and find out more here, or at the Vatican site, or EWTN, or wherever.

I don’t expect the Fisheaters forums to be the CA forums–or vice versa–but I certainly do not find the site objectionable and, in fact, the vast majority is extremely helpful to most Catholics from 8 to 80 and then some. (and yes, I KNOW you have to be a certain age to post in the forums, but I’m talking of the whole site. Please don’t claim that I’m trying to get little kids posting on the forums because I’m not. However, even younger children would benefit from the wealth of knowledge of Church customs, prayers, pious practices, etc. found in the “Being Catholic” part above all.)

Fallacy: Appeal to Emotion. How God holds me to my sins is irrelevant to the discussion.

You’re making some pretty wild claims. Are you prepared to offer evidence of the avocation of neo-modernism, public scandal, and grave sins on the Fisheaters forums?

Sure as Ace mentioned above, some of the music that is allowed to be posted on that forum is just flat Un-Catholic. You can see for yourself:,2883579.0.html

They are also Death Metal threads. Yeah that’s Catholic. :rolleyes:

What’'s your point?

Have you shared your opinion with them?

Umm, there are a bunch of threads here that talk about things like “Catholics are not Christians”, masturbation :eek:, 'how far is too far", etc. And yes, there are threads about “is this music satanic” or “this music is NOT satanic” etc.

How many times do I have to repeat: The views of individual posters are not necessarily reflective of the views of the webmasters?

Because there are certain posters here who are constantly saying that Catholicism is false. . .and you aren’t going around saying that because some posters say this that this is the Catholic Answers ‘position’, are you?

Then why do the same for Fisheaters?

If you don’t like the forums, or posters, ignore them. But so far the ‘evidence’ you supply ‘questioning’ the forums and the site’s operators is no ‘evidence’ at all.

FYI: it is supposedly against the rules to reference and lure others for or against other sites from what I remember. You might want to read the rules again.

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