Hey everyone. I’m pretty sure this topic has probably been discussed before, but I was wondering what you thought about Is it in line with the Magisterium and the in Obedience to Holy Mother Church? Thanks.

Well, upon further reading of the site, I’d probably guess and say no? It seems quite hostile toward the Second Vatican Council.

based on the information given, they are indeed a traditional Catholic site. They do recognize the current Pope and recognize Vatican II as a valid council. However they see error withing the documents of Vatican II and lean towards the FSSP and SSPX. Although the FSSP is in full communion with Rome, the SSPX has some flaws to be worked. This is a good site to learn many pre Vatican II traditions, but isn’t a credible source on information regarding the Vatican II council and its teachings

It’s extremist…

Like AngelQueen, the danger lies mostly in some of the individual posts on the discussion forum that may lack charity. The information pages are quite informative.

I love some parts of it…It certainly is a god resource for many of our Catholic roots and customs…I don’t go to the boards so I don’t know what goes on there…however when I read some of our now defunct practices I feel we have lost a lot, like the agnus dei…

I think it is a mix most likely, but so is this place…you just have to pick your way through the swamp I guess

That was a great typo!

I find the site quite informative–but as with just about everything on the internet, it should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

The articles on the website are great (and obviously traditional-leaning, so the answer to your question depends on your views on that.) The message board discussions include some good and some complete nonsense (like CAF or any other forum.)

LOL, where’d they get the name “AngelQueen”. It sounds pretty girly. :rotfl:

Ummm… that would be the Mother of God you’re laughing at.

Oh it get’s better.

Gee, I wish I was that easy going. I wouldn’t have to spend so much time offering prayers of reparation. :cool:

Oh really…

So what am I suppose to do? Freak out because it fell on the ground? Not my fault a paten wasn’t used; nor was it my fault that It fell either. If It falls, It falls…and someone’s going to have to pick It up and consume It. Prayers of reparation are for sacrileges, not accidents.

I’ve seen someone attempting to dispose of the Host in a trash bin because it fell on the floor…now that’s sacrilege.

And the specific word “AngelQueen” does sound girly/new-agey when taken out of context. I’ve never heard anyone use that term for the Mother of God. I’ve heard the title, Our Lady, Queen of Angels, but not the nickname “AngelQueen” which could refer to anything. I know when I was going through a google search and it pointed to that site…I was a little confused about what kind of website it was. I’ve come across enough new-age “Mary goddess” websites with pictures of angels to be prudent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t be so quick to judge next time. :p:D

Oh, JP, You are so good.
What a nobler thing to just pick up and put in mouth, if like this happened I will learn from you ! "Cease! The heart of Jesus is with me! "

"Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come!


FSSP was founded under the Blessing of Pope John Paul II.

I looooooooove the fish tank. :slight_smile: It’s very Catholic. I also think it’s the most fun forum.

It is a good site to learn about traditions and customs that people forgot.

I like fisheaters. As several posters have pointed out, it is an informative site and a good place to learn about traditions and customs that are no longer observed. It’s a good historical resource, I think.

I love I haven’t really gotten involved with the message boards, but the site does have wonderful information. is a very dangerous web site and should be avoided at all costs.

First, the forum owners hold an extreme ideology and are not official representatives of the Catholic Church.

(I am not even sure they are even Catholic, as they hide behind first names and don’t even publish a physical address to be contacted.)

They hold absolutely no authority whatsoever, and yet promote their radical ideas through this web site.

Worse yet, the web site promotes dangerous ideology contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Examples: Extensive criticism of the Pope’s ecumenical efforts. Extreme positions taken against the state of Israel. Heightened criticism against the Second Vatican Council. Extreme criticism expressed towards the liturgy of the Novus Ordo Mass.

It’s a very dangerous web site, and highly damaging to the faith. Stay away!

plus on top of what you said they only recognize the Douay-Rheims as the only English Catholic Bible

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