More than once I have heard described as a dissentists website.
I see it as a way to learn about Traditionalism, and more as a springboard to bigger and better things.


I refer to it often for certain subjects, however, I follow Rome and the site contains a lot of SSPX and Sede information. I find that the forums are filled with those who have decided to see themselves separate from Rome (among others).

Good information is contained within the site, but in my opinion, a lot of it crosses ‘the’ line.



Do you know of another site that would provide good solid traditionalist information without the SSPX and Sede information?
I like the easy to follow menu, and the variety of topics. I guess a site with something like that?


It’s not too much different from this forum. You get all kinds. The main difference is that you get traditionalist moderating which makes it a little hard for anyone to complain that they’re being picked on because they’re traditionalists when someone comes down on them. I wouldn’t really call it a dissenting website. For the most part the moderators seem to want people to focus on what’s good about the TLM and just not talk so much about the Novus Ordo which I appreciate.


I believe that the woman who runs the FishEaters website is an indult traditionalist, but sympathizes heavily with the SSPX.


That site helped me learn how to chant the Pater Noster!

I love it, personally. Lots of good information on there.

If you read something that is trash, just ignore it. Just like this forum, you get all types.


I second that.
The site is great, I learned some stuff on that.
Just avoid those parts that seem to lean on Sedevacantism and such.

As for Gregorian Chant, this site has lots of recordings (Most of the Kyriale is there).


I dont know about any sedevacantist content. The woman who runs the site says this in her FAQ:

I believe each and every point of dogma in the Nicene Creed in the same manner the Church has always understood them. I believe each and every solemnly defined dogma ever offered by any Pope or Council, and fully agree with each statement given in Sacrorum Antistitum.

I believe Vatican II was a valid, pastoral Ecumenical Council convoked and approbated by true Popes. I believe the documents from the Council were badly and ambiguously written and that said documents need to be interpreted only in light of tradition.

I believe that Benedict XVI is the true Pope and that we must pray for him and his Bishops every day.


I guess I used the wrong choice of words then. Sorry.

But there are a few articles of questionable content such as this:

I guess thankfully that website, while it has some parts that needs caution, is really helpful. Just take it with a grain of salt.


I also disagree with the content of certain articles but what is objectionable about that? It happened, no?

Sedevacantism is not endorsed even on the FE boards.


I looked at that article and I was disappointed at the priest calling the NO mass as a complete fabrication. It doesn’t surprise me why certain people who patronize the website and other similar sites shamelessly parrot the same tired line about the NO mass, a valid and legitimate liturgy of the Church. Catholics who patronize this site should in my opinion be more discriminating: Assimilate what is true but throw out what is false or questionable.


I like FishEaters.

I find that many of the posters on that site have a pretty good sense of humor.


Why are you dissapointed? That is a fact. The Novus ordo is indeed a fabrication.

The Holy Fatehr, as Cardinal Ratzinger said so himself.


Based on what evidence? There’s nothing independently verifiable about the Fisheaters allegation that the answer was changed or edited for starters.


I haven’t read every article or entry. It is very informative, but, for example, it doesn’t always express the mind of the Church. Read what they have to say about cremation. Catholics can, in good conscience, choose cremation. You don’t get that impression from Fisheaters.


If he really did say this (and you have completely misread Spirit of the Liturgy and his other writings on the topic) he would have restored the Tridentine Mass the day of his election, and of course branded each of the 3 previous popes as heretics.


Think about what you say.

Saying the Novus Ordo is a fabrication is not ‘heretical’. It plainly is a fabrication, because it was fabricated, i.e. created from nothing, by a comittee in the late 1960’s.

The ‘Tridentine’ Mass was never created on the spot, like the Novus Ordo.

I’m not sure if Cardinal Ratzinger called the NO a fabrication, but the words, “Banal and on the spot product” come to mind. And correct me if I’m wrong, he was referring to the Novus Ordo Missae.

P.S. Even if he wanted to restore the Old Mass as soon as he was elected, it would not have been a good decision to do so. The schism that will be created with the abolition of the NO like that would have made the SSPX look like a splinter.


No he wouldn’t. Because:

  1. He said it in essence:
    ** Cardinal Ratzinger’s preface to La Reforme**
    *** liturgique en question***, by Klaus Gamber,
    ** Editions Sainte-Madeleine. **

"What happened after the Council was totally different: in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy.

** We left** the living process of growth and development to enter the realm of fabrication. There was no longer a desire to continue developing and maturing, as the centuries passed and so this was replaced - as if it were a technical production - with a construction, a banal on-the-spot product.****"

  1. He didn’t restore the TLM etc.
    So your conclusions about what he WOULD have done are purely your own.

It’s a puzzle to me that when Ratzinger says something, everyone gets accused of mis-reading?? (I really don’t know how one misreads a QUOTE),. But when a lowly TLM priest says the same thing even in a subdued fashion, well, his whole Catholicity is up for trial.
Denial of reality comes to mind.


I have no problems there though like anything else one must use some common sense.

No sugar coating there…



Do you think that Fisheaters may have faked the screenshots?

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