Fisheaters -- the end?

Can you pm me on this please? Thanks.

From their site:


1 hour ago

Dear all,
As you know Fish Eaters was down and out for a day! Worst outage in my tenure as the server guy. Still trying to assess what on Earth caused the database corruption. Hopefully we are back up and running now! If you lost any data, please let me know.

If you are a hacker or twit that was engaging in a DDoS attack, get your attorney on standby because s/he is going to need to diaper you for the rest of your life by the time I am finished with you!


and this… ΑΩ☾@FishEaters

Thanks to all who’ve offered to help. “My tech guy” (DivineSilence @ the forum) has things back up, but says it’s not a real fix. I apparently need to make a move (AGAIN). I’m so bummed.


And I’m over here just trying to keep the family in clean clothes…


Never heard of fisheaters, I prefer cattle myself.

Why not just go with Mackerel Snappers?


Forgot about that ol’ pejorative :slight_smile:

Someday when I start my Catholic website I’ll be sure and call it that. It will automatically weed out anybody without a sense of humor.


Not sure why anyone would want to hack them.

People hack things for no good reason. Years ago I was on a phpBB for a band fan club (completely secular, non-political band, not a big patriotic county act) and it was hacked by some kind of ISIS Jihad group and we all logged on to see a video of bombs going off with Death to America and some Arabian-looking guy making menacing faces.


:heart: Good one, gracepoole!

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I can never remember whether it was that or Cod Biters (or both) which I was introduced to by John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany ?

“Will Bite Cod for Food”

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I remember when Societas Laudis was hacked.

Maybe someone who is a friend of the devil.

I was looking at them today and they looked like they were up and running.

Fisheaters is back up - or at least the main page is.

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