"Fishers of Men" movie - Download Here!


I used to think that, too, which is why I didn’t leave Catholicism for Protestant ministry. I assure you, that God has and does call women to sacerdotal ministry.

You have already adopted the Protestant heresy of becoming your own Pope and adhereing to Dogmas, Doctrines and Teachings that you yourself define. This is already in direct rupture with the Sacred Deposit of faith that has been handed down to us, and interpretted ultimately by the Successors of St Peter the Apostle. Furthermore, you even claim more power than the Pope, since even he is not able to change what has been handed down, but you have.

It’s indicative of their recognition that there are people not being served and a need to reach out where traditional ministry cannot. I have absolutely no interest ministry to active Catholics. My ministry is to the unchurched and to inactive Catholics. The marginalized, the disenfranchised, the wounded.

To reach out to the marginalised and disenfranchised in society is the call and duty of ALL Christians not just the clergy (and those who claim to be clergy). More importantly however is the call to penance for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand. In terms of catechesis to lapsed Catholics, all that is needed is sound doctrine and dogma and orthodox teaching. Doing other than this would be spreading false teachings and lying to those who think one speaks the truth and truly represents the Church.

Funny, my cousin the fundamentalist basically said the same thing to me, and my answer remains: “Was I supposed to tell God, ‘No?’” He called me for over 30 years and I couldn’t answer. Frankly, I don’t recommend telling God “No”…

One answers the Call, by first going through discernment with an orthodox Spiritual Director who would guide you to understand the plan that God has for you. If there truly is a Call, it being sustained over the many years does play some part (a small part really) in whether or not there is a vocation. If in discerning with a Spiritual Director one is not called, all those years are just illusions really and maybe even temptations by Satan. As such, when all is said and done how long one is called for, before one answers is a minor factor. More importantly is it being sustained through the seminary formation right to the point of ordination, yet even then the discernment doesn’t even stop. But of course I am referring to the a vocation of a male cleric.

Further, you have already said ‘No’ to God by going down this path you have taken. You have rejected those and their successor, whom Jesus himself spoke of “He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth me; and he that despiseth me, despiseth him that sent me.”


For those with slow connections, it might be faster to view the awesome video Fishers of Men at carmelite-seremban.org/Spirituality/video9.html as it’s broken into two parts.

We’ve updated Memo to Jesus to include the video link at the bottom. A perfect combination with the article :slight_smile:

View other inspiring videos at carmelite-seremban.org/Spirituality/video.html

Love and God bless


i like that movie a lot. if i was a man, i’d join the priesthood right away regardless of sufferings and sacrifices.


That movie was made in memory of my previous Bishop, Kevin Britt. He died after only around 9 months in office. I was confirmed by him. He was a great, cheerful guy and also a great promoter of vocations. Now that I think about it, he’s one of the reasons I started looking into a vocation.


Wow, this was beautiful, I was so moved I was crying by the end. I also thought about how wonderful it would be if ds heard the “call” someday.


I have never cried in a movie before until I watched this-I teared up so bad. So great. I think every Catholic young man should see this.


I just watched the video, very moving indeed and incredibly well made!

I e-mailed the link to the religious education directors and youth directors of 2 local parishes and also to the vocations director for our diocese…

I urge everyone reading this to do the same!

I think this could have a great impact if used as part of the religious education curriculum.


great movie!


The Fishers video is great, but about halfway through it, the audio starts getting out of sync with the video.

I’ve tried downloading it several times on several different computers, but same result. Any ideas?


I get the same result, too. I guess the only solution would be to get the DVD, or to find a copy of the actual DVD on the internet. However, that is probably illegal.


The Grassroots films are very powerful. Their latest project, “The Human Experience” looks equally so.



I watched this video this evening at a retreat called Totus Tuus [hence my username, now that I know what it means!], and it was SO beautiful. I had chills throughout the video, and even though I’m a female, so much of it I can relate to, just as a serious discerner of religious life. Sitting in a room with a bunch of guys that are discerning their vocations, it was moving to think about how they were feeling inside while watching this video; I could only pray that they were deeply moved also, to the point of really considering if God is calling them to a life of service manifested in the vocation of the priesthood. I was sitting next to a religious Sister at the time that this video was shown, and during the part about John Paul II, I heard some sniffles and looked over - the lights were out, though - and saw her wiping her tears on her scapular. I told one of my friends that it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen . . . on so many levels, too! To see a sister sad and missing someone showed that they really are just like us; they really do struggle with detachment, and they really do cry sometimes. To see her devotion and loyalty to the former Holy Father, her total obedience to his papacy . . . ah! Words fail to express the beauty of both the video and the sister’s love for John Paul the Great.


Thank You So Much!!!

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I saw this movie during the youth conference with both male and female kids. Many girls were so moved that they declared participation in the discernment retreat for religious life. God works!


You’re right. If Grassroots Films put together a video on religious life; that would be quite an exceptional video.

Pray that more attention is given to religious life, in addition to the priesthood.



This video really moved me. It inspired me in wanting to become a fisher of men. I am really considering my vocation in priesthood, if that is what God wants me to do. Throughout the whole video i was in tears and my whole chest and heart burnt with warmth. The Church and the whole modern day society needs God desperately, and if Jesus wants me to follow him and lay down my life in order to bring God to others, then Be it Done to me in Accordance to GOD’S WILL !


Hello Demerzel: Do you know where one can access the 'Cross Culture" video you mention? Am not familiar with it - tried youtube, cannot find it. Thanks!


You might be interested in “Women of Mystery, Women of Hope”, a similar movie on female religious life which will be released soon:


On the linked website, you can read more about the film and see a trailer from the “Multimedia” section.


I agree with you 100% the first time I watched this movie I was discerning my call to the priesthood. This movie impacted my decision on becoming a priest. I’m only 18 as of right now, but I plan on entering a major seminary once I complete college.


I agree with him that it was a great tragedy that the reforms after Vatican II led to the destruction of the great religious communities for women.

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