"Fishers of Men" movie - Download Here!


God speed. :thumbsup:


here’s a list of vocation videos phatmass.com/phorum/index.php?showtopic=83513

Fishers of Men along with Fr. Corapi’s talk to seminarians (gloria.tv/?video=zm67qelgrke990zfxbxt) just about sent me knocking down the seminary doors!

next up would be Fr. Corapi’s and Fr. Calloway’s testimonies. their rollercoaster lives really got my tear ducts leaking…

here’s a few more

“EWTN Gallery - An engaging look at the priesthood and its vital importance in Catholic life, this documentary includes interviews with and brief biographies of outstanding priests.”

Part 1: youtube.com/watch?v=KrclWB2NDo4
Part 2: youtube.com/watch?v=k2pR3h1VZWE
Part 3: youtube.com/watch?v=UgN-fN-MiDk

"EWTN Global Showcase - Completely Christ’s: An exciting and inspirational look at discerning the religious life; featuring Mother Teresa, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, and many others."
Part 1/6 youtube.com/watch?v=CIyxhHEQN2k
2/6 youtube.com/watch?v=W1Bv4KTnChk
3/6 youtube.com/watch?v=VzP3k-u_wxc
4/6 youtube.com/watch?v=GgeB9awvwPE
5/6 youtube.com/watch?v=Cg-EPbL8dCw
6/6 youtube.com/watch?v=ftZ8_2664kM

and tons more in that phatmass thread. prayers for vocations!


thank you for all these videos :thumbsup: i’m looking forward to watching them all


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This was the most inspiring video I have ever watched.

Two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I love this Video. I watched it a few years ago and it really helped me in my decision to go to the sem (seminary). I would recommend this to all youth group leaders to show to their group. This a really inspiring and well made video.

God Bless and Mary keep,



That’s the second time I’ve seen that video, second time I’ve cried shamelessly. I want to do that! Let me do that!


Why say distorted and disproportionate instead of having understanding and compassion and even obedience. This is the Church’s stand for years why change it? Deal with it sister.


That was a good movie, but where is an equivalent video but for the vocation to marriage? A good priesthood cannot exist without good, Catholic families and marriages to raise future priests.


this is a very good movie… i watched it at the convent that i was at… hehe it made me really think watching this movie on how young men deal with their lives


I watched this movie. I am very religious person and this movie has touched ma heart. I really liked it and suggested them to watch at least ones…
Thanks for sharing the link…
Movie Download


Hey Kevin..
I have downloaded this movie last week. Its really a good story.
Really i liked it a lot.. I just you to all atleast watch it once. You will surely gonna like it..
Thanks for sharing the link man...


What is the song title that plays in the beginning of the video??


I saw this posted from 2006. I was unable to get Real Player to play the clip. Does anyone else know where I might find this clip that might play on Real Player. My computer has issues and Real Player thru Mozilla is all that it will play. Thanks!!! John


I love this video. I remember I first saw it when visiting a seminary. The vocation director sat down in front of the tv, and played it. At the end I had to turn my face away so that he wouldn’t see that tears were forming in my eyes. It’s a superb video.


Wow…awesome Video.http://greenrent.de/smileynormal.ico


The Inquisition

"The Christian resolve to find the world evil and ugly, has made the world evil and ugly."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Today, the xtian church does not have the power it once had, yet, we have witnessed the xtian abuses of children, child rape, molestation and other vile acts that reveal the true nature of many xtians and the effects their "god" has upon his followers. The pedophilia scandals are just a small sample of what xtians are capable of.

Years ago, when the xtian church had complete control over government, human life and spirit, we can see from the inquisition, just how sick these people are and just what lengths they will go to get you to accept "jesus." Just as is seen in the numerous xtian abuses of children today, years ago, with the inquisition, girls as young as nine and boys as young as ten were tried for witchcraft. Children much younger were tortured to extract testimony against their parents.¹ Children were then flogged while they watched their parents burn.
A documented case in the Silesian town of Neisse reveals a huge oven was constructed, which over a ten year period, more than a thousand "condemned witches, some as young as two years old" were roasted alive.² Many victims were also extremely old, some in their 80's. This made no difference to the church.

The xtian church murdered, tortured, mutilated and destroyed millions and millions of lives both directly through the Inquisition and indirectly through all of the wars they incited. The damage and destruction this foul religion has perpetrated against humanity is almost beyond comprehension. Most people aren't even aware of the facts. Between the years of 1450-1600, the xtian church was responsible for the torture, and burning of some 30,000 alleged "witches."³

During the reign of the Roman Emporer Constantine CE 306-337 the doctrines of the xtian church were regarded as the foundation of law.4 Heretics (persons who opposed church teachings) were sought out, tortured and eventually murdered. Heresy was an offense against the state as well as the church. For hundreds of years, civil rulers tried to stamp out all heresy.

As early as CE 430, the church leaders declared heresy punishable by death. In CE 906, "The Canon Episcopi" was the first church body to expressly forbid the use of witchcraft.5 Before the Inquisition was fully underway, the church accepted heretics back into the fold, under terms it considered reasonable. The following is an example:

For three Sundays, the heretic was stripped to the waist and whipped from the entrance of the town/village all the way to the church door. He/she was to permanently deny him/herself meat, eggs and cheese except on Easter, pentecost and xmas, when he/she is to eat of them as a sign of his/her penance. For twenty days, twice a year he/she was to avoid fish and for 3 days in each week fish, wine and oil, fasting, if his/her health would permit.

He/she was to wear monastic vestments with a small cross sewn on each breast. He/she was to hear mass daily. Seven times a day, he/she was to recite the canonical hours and in addition, at Paternoster ten times each day and twenty times each night.
He/she was to observe total abstinence from sex. Every month he/she was to report to a priest who was to keep the heretic under close observation. He/she was to be segregated from the rest of the community.


Just watched it and cried. Such a beautiful video! I pray that one day I will have a son that hears the call to become a priest.


Wow... Very Touching and "God in the Streets of NY" as well! We need good men to lead the Church like it has been the past 2000+ years!


Wao0o0o! Really in was great movies. I see many time this movies and downland firstly. …

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