Fishing for priestly incite...marriage, convalidation

I have another question to ask. I stated that my wife wants a 25 year marriage blessing or what ever its called. For year I thought about getting a radical senation but chose not to to follow my instincts of allowing God to work through my wife. Long story short, I jumped ship a long time ago, struggled with many illicit acts and advice from priests in my past and ultimately my faith in Catholicism was challenged to the point of breaking not having a strong Catholic support in my family. A couple of years ago it took an act of God that ultimately led to me discovering that what I had been confused with all my life was finally put to rest…Priesthood, Intecession of Saints, Sacraments in general. I had issues with annulments as being against God’s teaching…“it’s in the bible” I would say. I take it I misunderstood what that passage meant. But growing up more around solo scriptura on my mom’s side put my faith in jeopardy from the very beginning. I immediately fell into heresy after my first Communion. However After 45 years of believing in solo scriptura, even as a Catholic * I fell deep over my head. It took constant vigilance seeking truth that finally led me back to the “one holy catholic and apostolic church” belief. Initially I was believing that the Orhtodox Church must be the real Church. But now I admittedly find it confusing still. But my wife loves the Latin Rite and my son talks about becoming a priest or religious from time to time that I don’t want to jeopardize all of this. My wife comes from a huge evangelical family with a father that was a bishop, a brother that is a bishop and preacher, another brother is a preacher and deacons. She’s the baby of 8 [4 men and 4 women]. Her parents had a 50 year anniversary on our 5th year of marriage, first child. It’s a tradition in her family to celebrate these landmarks. Her previous faith, the one that I even accepted as truth at one point initially, they reject divorce completely for any reason other than for infedelity, but even under those circumstance they are highly encouraged to attempt to resolve the issues and remain married to each other.

Okay. the first 17 years of our life together was spent in that faith. I thought that by being baptized in that faith I was publically rejecting Catholicism and did not need to submit a letter to my bishop of birth record. I was military and in an undesirable situation. I wanted to get the marriage senated but was directed to take the convalidation, which was said by our priest was better because it showed that my wife was open and joyful about our marriage finally being recognized by the Church. So I put my pride aside and went with it.

I worry that our Pastor or future pastor won’t allow us to celebrate our 25th year anniversary when it comes in 5 years because it will only be 7 years in the Church as recognized from what I understand. Comments? Be nice, this is my spouse we’re talking about. She is my bride, pride and joy. After years of snarling at Catholicism she finally was graced to learn enough to learn more. That came from my studies and finaly decision to revert back once I realized I had no choice and admitted it openly.*

Read it again. He was a Catholic married outside the Church. As far as the Church is concerned he’s only been validly married 7 years, although he’s been legally married 25.

That is correct…at least 5 years from now. Our marriage was convalidated 2 years ago. I was baptized at 14 months of age in a Catholic Church. I many people like me that are Catholic on the books but were not raised Catholic, encouraged to be Catholic ore extremely confused about Catholicism, like me. Even though I went to a seminary it was not orthodox at the time. I’ve heard priest say that the bread and wine are not truly the body and blood of Christ. I’ve heard many heretical things come from priests, deacons, even bishops and of course the laity…leaders in the Catholic community. So though I may have “broken a law” in the Church I was following my conscience.

Of course, you’re right…I guess I got lost in the latter part of the post.

Don’t beat yourself up…it’s hard to stay on the right path when the very people who are there to lead you are confusing you. The important thing is that you are back. You can still get the marriage blessed…our pastor does it every month for those that have an anniversary in that month. Don’t get hung up on the number of years…the blessing is the important part. If the technicalities bother your wife that much have the priest explain it to her. Good luck.

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