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I am going on vacation in a week to a lake in Indiana where my family has gone for years (boating, fishing…). Anyways, I am wondering if it is a sin to fish on the lake (and possibly keep a fish for a meal) if I do not own a license to fish in the state of Indiana. We will only be there for a week and I have never even thought that it could be wrong before.

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If the state of Indiana requires a license to fish, then you need to purchase one.

To me, it’s not so much whether it’s a sin or not, but about obeying local laws. You can take your chances and, if caught (no pun intended :)), pay the fine.

That said, a fishing license is relatively inexpensive compared to whatever penalties are in your jurisdiction. For example, you probably don’t want the boat your in being confiscated.

If the law is not immoral then one should follow it and in a way you are paying for a recreation to not pay is a form of theft. How is this really a question. Could you make a case for not paying to fish as a moral rightousness? Most states have a out of state fishing licence that you can buy for a few days. Again, I really do not understand how one could see this as up for debate.

I agree that it pretty much seems to be a straightforward issue. However, it’s always okay to ask a question in order to seek clarification.

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A fishing license is only required if you plan on fishing on state property. If you plan on fishing on private property then fish to your hearts content, otherwise I would advise paying the $20 for the license because the fine will be a lot more than that.

What you posted is not true realative to every state. In most states fish and wildlife management extends beyond simple “property” boundaries. As it should be. It is more about fish management, and water rights and ecology than anything and states must generate revenue to support their wildlife programs. In the west here it truely is about wildlife management. I would be suprised if you can fish on private property without a licence in your state I know it is not the case in mine. For the same reasons you cannnot kill a deer on your farm without a deer permit. However I am not familiar with the OP’s state of vacation, Indiana. However if the state requests that you buy a licence to use its recreational opportunities it is a form of theft to not do so. In a moral sense this is pretty cut and dried.
Im pretty sure the OP is plannning on using a public lake anyway.
A fishing licence isnt just a “donation” to the parks department. It is a major way of funding some very important wildlife management services at the state and federal level. It is a form of taxation and we all know that you must moraly pay taxes. render unto caesar and cast a line!

I am very aware of Indiana’s state laws regarding fishing and wildlife since I live in Indiana part time. Not to mention my neighbor there is a game warden and I have discussed an issue simiilar to this regarding the hunting and fishing on my property with him many times.

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