Fitness enthusiast asks Vatican to annul marriage to an unrepentant smoker


I wish the article would have more about it but you have to pay for it. Does anybody have any other links to know more about it?


Okay here are some links about this:


I could see two factors going on. One is that valid marriage vows cannot be conditional. That can be an impediment to marriage right there. The other is that while the choice to sin is not an impediment to a valid marriage, the inability to make mature choices necessary for married life can be.

I can’t see where the wife’s condition would have been an impediment to her getting married. We all have faults which we fully intend to overcome, but which are not easily defeated. If that doesn’t come under “better or worse”, I don’t know what does. Unlike alcoholism, nicotine addiction generally does not rob a person of their faculties for performing work, treating other people with charity, and answering other duties.

The husband, on the other hand, says that he made his vows conditionally. That makes their validity problematic, unless a review of his understanding of his vows at the time of his marriage makes it clear that he knew no such conditions could apply, yet consented to marriage anyway. In that case, saying, “I told her I wouldn’t marry her unless she quit smoking” is a hyperbole, an overstatement of the truth that he and she both agree that she needs to make efforts to quit.

He may also be claiming that he does not have the maturity to fulfill his marriage vows in spite of his wife’s faults…that is a stretch. I don’t buy it. We all marry sinners, and they marry birds of the same feather. That we are not saints does not make us incapable of valid marriage.


These were my sentiments. You said it better.

To my mind, it appears he wants to be the aggrieved party. However, in a decree case, it’s my understanding they examine the whole marriage, not just “blame place” and whatever they find wrong, they find wrong nn either side- in other words, his condition that she has to quit or the marriage is off.

However, those mama’s boys in Italy- I think those ladies might have a case regarding “forsaking all others”.


Oh, dear. . . this could get messy. I’m immediately worried about my chocolate addiction, shoe fetish, inability to leave the Nordstron semi-annual sale without a new handbag…Personally I think it promotes longevity and reduces MY stress level, but my husband is always muttering something about being more than any man should have to bear (financially). Suppose my husband decides these are adequate reasons to seek and obtain an annulment…and the Pope agrees!!! :eek:


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