Five Fingers, Five Toes, Five Great Sources of Catholic Truth in Christ's Body

Five Fingers, Five Toes, Five Great Sources of Catholic Truth in Christ’s Body

There are five fingers on the human hand, there are five great sources of truth, from which, collectively, all Catholic mystery can be gotten:

Trinity and Incarnation Mystery
The Pope, the Supreme, Unifying Apostolic Successor
The Apostolic Successors and Oral Tradition
The Written Tradition, Scripture

On the one hand, the Trinity and the Incarnation is the most bountiful source of truth. To see God is to know as you are known, to understand as you are understood.

On the other hand, Reason is the most evident source of truth. Any man who is responsible believes he can know things by Reason. Reason is common to all men, even savages.

Too, on each hand, the thumb is rather the stronger of the fingers. But it is also different than all the other fingers: It stands apart, emanating from a different side of the palm, set apart from the other lesser four fingers.

Similarly, both the top and bottom sources of truth above, strongest in truth and evidence, respectively, stand apart from the other four.


The Trinity and Incarnation is different than all the others because it is no longer with us. We cannot see the Trinity, and Christ is in Heaven, at least as far as Revelation goes. Christ is no longer publicly present to explicitly reveal as He did in His Public and Resurrected Ministries before the Ascension. But the Pope, the Bishops, The Scriptures, and Reason are all here on earth for us to use and see directly.

And Reason? How is reason different from all the other four? Reason is different from the other four in that it is NOT Revelatory. Reason is not a source of Revelation, it is immediate to every man who has adequate use of His intellect.

But Scripture, Tradition, the Pope, and God as Triune and Incarnate, these are supernatural sources of truth, that flow from grace and the Spirit, that could never be known unless God gave them to us from above.

Profound huh?

See now also, there are five toes on the foot as well. And when Jesus was crucified, it is suggested one foot on top of the other. Now the toes of each foot descend in height, more or less, from one side to the other. But when one foot is placed atop another, as in common crucifixion, the toes are in reverse relationship. That is, the longest toe of the top foot does not sit atop the longest of the other foot, but rather the shortest, and similarly for the shortest toe of the top foot. Hence, the toes are in inverse height relationship: The longest toe of the strongest leg is on top of the shortest toe of the weaker leg, etc, down to the shortest toe of the stronger leg on top of the longest toe of the weaker leg.

Now, consider the sources of truth above and ponder this: the strongest source of truth is the least evident, down to the weakest source of truth is the most evident. Think about it.

So if the strong leg symbolizes strength of truth, and the weak leg symbolizes evidence for a truth as legitimate, then the Christ’s crucified feet perfectly image the relationship of the five great sources of truth between degree of truth from them and the evidence to support them as legit.

Perhaps, therefore, Christ’s Body is more revelatory than we thought?

Finally, the Angel in Apocalypse 10 holds the scroll in his hand. He places his right foot, clearly the stronger foot, on the sea, the weakest foundation, and the left foot, clearerly the weaker foot, on the earth, clearly the strongest foundation. The scroll is sweet to taste but bitter in the stomach.

Too, with the scroll as all Divine Truth, God’s mysteries are sweet to taste, they bring joy and meaning to our soul, but they are sour to digest, for living them requires suffering, giving up things we crave, and that the outer world is sometimes cold to these beatufiul things, which brings us sorrow, amen, dark night of senses, dark night of soul, martyrdom.

Too, the strongest sources of truth rest on weaker foundation of evidence for their veracity, that is, the greater the treasure, the more hidden it is to the seeker, and the weakest sources of truth rest on the strongest foundation of evidence, that is, the simpler truths of God are easier to find in the world than the more mysterious.

Profound, huh?

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