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Hey guys. For years I’ve been hearing mixed views about using a scapular medal as a legitimate substitute for an actual scapular. Furthermore, the question gets even more complicated when talking about using a scapular medal in place of different colored scapulars. I currently wear a five fold scapular. Sadly, I can never seem to find five fold scapulars that can survive for more than a few months. My main question is this… Can the devotions, obligations, blessings, etc. of the five fold scapular be given to a scapular medal? Also, does anyone have a link to any official church teaching on this topic? Thanks in advance. God bless.


The Vatican has said the Brown Scapular medal can be used in situations where the Brown Scapular is not possible (such as while fighting in WW2 soldiers could use the Scapular medal), but that the Brown Scapular is the preferrable option the Vatican wishes the laity to use.

Also: there are many medals with attached promises: such as the Miraculous Medal, the Holy Face medal also has promises attached to it, and the St Benedict medal has exorcism prayers on it.


This is the best brown scapular I have ever gotten.
It lasts a whole year.

It has soft pliable plastic over the images on the scapular that help the scapular to last months.

This website has FREE postage worldwide.
So I would highly recommend this scapular to anyone in the USA/ EU/ etc
One Brownscapular is €1
One Brown scapular with a Miraculous Medal attached to it is €1.30

The best thing to do is order 5 of these cheap scapulars at a time, and then if one ever breaks you will have a replacement ready at home.

I always wear a Blessed Miraculous Medal and Blessed Holy Face medal on my Brown Scapular.
(Or sometimes a St Benedict medal). As these medals also have holy promises attached :slight_smile:


Here is a summary of what Pope Pius X said about the Scapular Medal.
I understand the white Scapular is for the Secular Third Order of the Most Holy Trinity.
Because it is a third order, I’m not sure if the medal can be used to substitute - see below what Pope Pius X said about third order scapulars.


Wow! Brown Scapulars never lasted more than a month on me due to how acidic my skin is. I literally had to switch to a silver medal scapular to at least prevent the scapular from falling off in places like public restrooms and such. Previously, I tried everything: including covering the scapular using those plastic key tags, but nothing seemed to work. You should see the back of my St. Benedict medal Crucifix. All the lacquer has completely worn off in a couple weeks and is turning green. sigh




You okay, mate? /hands YoungCatholicGuy some Pepto Bismol/


I wouldn’t risk it. I know that for the brown scapular, you are not allowed to replace it except with a few extreme acceptions. I don’t know if the others can be replaced at all, but I would need to look into it to know.

Today is also the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:pray::heart_eyes:


I wore mine today !


You wore what today? The brown Scapular?


@Seagull You wore the Brown Scapular today? Wear it every day of your life! If you have not already become a member of the Confraternity, it would be very much beneficial to do so, so that you may obtain its promises by wearing it. Our Lady promises to those who wear her Brown Scapular:

“This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire.”

You will be in my prayers


I also learned today ‘ how to wear it ‘

It’s supposed to equally hang - on the front - and back.

The Priest spoke today of many wonderful things -
A bunch of nuns were guillotined - and it stopped a war…
John the Cross - I watched the movie once ( Leonardo D )
A Pope who was unearthed after 600 years, his scapular - in perfect condition.
And Priest spoke about - joining 3 rd orders - if interested etc

I will wear it tomorrow - see if anything happens -
I have 10 - 12 cool jewelry things - that I like to wear -
Brown scapular barely sees the light of day.

I hear there’s a green scapular too -

Thanks for your prayer, but I have one or two other things on my plate,
that take precedence, than that lol -
Are you open to that :innocent:


The Sabbetine Privilege has no historical basis, and the Carmelites no longer promote it. Those Carmelite sisters you linked, in particular, are not in good standing, so far as I know.


Will you stop citing that schismatic group? Not only are they schismatic, their information is obsolete.


We’ve been over this before. Sisters of Carmel are a schismatic group and we do not follow their teachings on the Scapular. Please do not spread their misinformation on here.

This is the official Scapular catechesis from the Carmelites. It says at the end that the medal can be substituted for “good reason” but is not the preferred form.


The Decree of the Holy Office of January 20, 1613, expresses no opinion concerning the validity of the Papal Bull (on the Sabbatine Privelege). It permitted the Carmelites to preach:

“the faithful may devoutly believe that the Blessed Virgin by her continuous intercession, merciful prayers, merits and special protection will assist the souls of deceased brothers and members of the confraternity, especially on Saturday, the day which the church dedicates to the Blessed Virgin. The conditions for trusting in such a favor are that the recipients die in a state of grace, wear the Carmelite habit, observe chastity according to their state in life and recite the little office of the Blessed Virgin; if they can not recite it they are to observe the church fasts and abstain from meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays, unless Christmas falls on these days”.[2]

This was not a confirmation of the Sabbatine privilege. It simply permitted that the faithful may believe that Our Lady will assist members of the scapular confraternity after the deaths if certain other requirements are kept.

So the Sabbatine Privelege was neither condemned nor validated by the Vatican, but encouraged the faithful to believe it in the sense that Our Lady can do that for devoted souls who live a good life.

But the Brown Scapular itself is approved by the Vatican, and Vatican II expressly recommended the Rosary and brown Scapular as chief devotions to Our Lady. Pope John Paul II himself wore the Brown Scapular :slight_smile:


What is the official status of the Sabbatine Privilege?
Historical research has shown that the alleged fourteenth-century appearance of the Blessed Mother to Pope John XXII is without historical foundation. As a matter of fact, in the year 1613 the Holy See determined that the decree establishing the"Sabbatine Privilege” was unfounded and the Church admonished the Carmelite Order not to preach this doctrine. Unfortunately, the Order did not always comply with this directive of the Holy See."

That’s from the Carmelites themselves. I did not mean to sound like I was questioning the legitimacy of the brown scapular, I only said, as the Carmelites said, that there’s no historical evidence for the Sabbetine Privilege and they’re not supposed to be promoting it anymore.


I’ve long held that the Carmelites are the owners of the Brown Scapular, and their official word carries the day.

The Scapular Catechesis is an extremely sound, reasoned, and clear document on how one should properly wear the Scapular: as a sign of being clothed with the Carmelite garment, entrusting ourselves to our Lady’s maternal care as the Carmelites do. Not for some alleged promise, but rather, as a constant prayer, so to speak. It’s a sign of the sharing of spiritual goods with the Carmelite family, and the participation, to a degree of Carmelite spirituality, as listed in the Catechesis.

The Brown Scapular has become too abused as a sacramental, and has been surrounded by too many legends and anecdotes, such that people have worn them without any consideration at all of Carmelite spirituality. It’s a good thing the Carmelites are taking this sacramental back, so to speak.


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