Five or more covenants


There are many people that say there were five covenants.

I have also noticed that there were more than just covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David.

However, I always thought in terms of renewals of one the other covenants.

So here is my question: How many covenant were made with the people of God?

Jesus makes six I guess. Are there others?



From my understanding it is Abraham, and Jesus.

The rest were promises, teachings, etc.

But the strict covenant was Abraham seen with circumcision and then Jesus and baptism


Scott Hahn talks about there being seven, ultimately:

  1. Adam - a marital covenant
  2. Noah - a family covenant
  3. Abraham - a tribal covenant
  4. Moses - a national covenant
  5. David - a kingdom (of nations)
  6. Jesus - a world-wide covenant
  7. ??? (maybe the church? I’m not sure) - a universal (or cosmic) covenant at the end of time.


There are more than 6 covenants but the additionals take their roots from these six, just like there are officially 613 commandments in the old testament but they all take their roots from the ten commandments one way or another :thumbsup:


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