Fixing Sexual Brokenness

We need to be more active in our Churches and in every avenue of society at fixing sexual brokenness. The theology of the Body and it’s shock waves need to be heard throughout the world.

If we are able to build strong healthy, sexually pure, families we will build strong healthy, sexually pure, priests … then and only then will be make a difference to the world!!! I have read the Friday Fax headlines today … all are dealing with sexuality. From the pope being prosecuted to the girl scouts teaching sexual education… We need truth in love and truth in sexuality TODAY!


Completely agree.:thumbsup: I think we might need another category under CAF Family Life, like “Marriage and Sexuality” or “God’s Gift of Sexuality” or something else.

I wish that I had been told as a kid, by anyone, how much it would hurt me and the woman I love to not wait for sex. That is one thing that I will be sure to impart to any children I may have…


well if i had known then what i know now…

It’s so sad what many young women believe about getting guys attention/affection/loyalty. I know when I have children (God willing many of them with the man I love!) they will learn to love God before men. I would be a much happier/healthier person today had it not been for the mistakes I made back when I was young :blush:

At least you seem to have the wisdom to recognize whatever you did was wrong. Few, if any, today share that wisdom at any age…

Prodigaldotkait, having had 4 daughters, eldest 25, youngest 13, well, I think one of the best things I did with each of them, was to start to teach them with much exciting discussions (about God/Saints) from the earliest of age. By the time they each were about 5, they were deeply in love with God and their Faith. Another factor that I think made a difference was that we had no outside TV (the occasional sporting game on tv excepted). I have no doubt that God is FIRST in their life. God willing, you will have that opportunity as well, and I pray for that.

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