FL Man Avoids Criminal Charge in Kid's Gun Death

“State prosecutors will not charge a Cape Coral man in the accidental shooting death of a teenager after discovering police violated the man’s constitutional rights to acquire evidence against him, they announced Tuesday.

According to State Attorney’s Office spokesperson Samantha Syoen, attorneys have closed their case against David Casman, who police initially charged with culpable negligence in the accidental shooting death of his son’s 14-year-old friend, Colton Hutchinson.

Hutchinson died of a gunshot wound to the head Dec. 8 while in Casman’s home. He was at the home with Casman’s 12-year-old son, police reports state. According to state attorneys, detectives used a statement recorded during a private conversation between Casman, Casman’s son and their attorney Michael Rich in their case against him.”


Does any cynic think that the police acted purposely so the guy would not be charged?

Those Floridians need to be more careful!

"Actor Bill Bordy’s voice was hoarse Wednesday as he told of sleepless nights fretting over the possibility that he almost killed a friend in a freak theater accident.

“Had I killed him, no one would be able to talk to me,” said Bordy, 78, of Sarasota.

Bordy has played the character George in “Of Mice and Men” plenty of times, and he says when he gets to the shooting at the end of the play he typically test-fires the stage gun into the ground to make sure it is safe.

On Monday, Bordy was playing George again in rehearsal at the Manatee Players Riverfront Theatre. But this rehearsal was running late and Bordy did not perform the safety test. The .32-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver fired a real bullet that glanced off the head of fellow actor Fred Kellerman, 81. Kellerman was playing Lennie, who gets shot in the back of the head by George in the play."


I do not think for a second that they sand-bagged the case on purpose. They would well face discipline or termination for messing up this bad. In some cases, even criminal charges could be filed against them. Things happen. If there is anyone to blame, it should be our criminal justice system that allows people to get off on such technicalities. I would prefer a system that punishes both the criminal and the one who violated whatever rule would have caused a technicality.

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