Flag at the Fed reignites gay-rights debate

The Richmond Federal Reserve Bank’s attempt to show inclusiveness in the workplace by flying the rainbow flag outside its building has reignited a divisive gay-rights debate.


Your tax dollars at work…

What the hell…

The problem with these “rights” movements is that everyone would want a piece of the pie. You put one of these “minorities” on a pedestal, you have to put them all on it, otherwise you’re just being prejudicial. Why just the gays? What about other groups? There’s something not correct about being politically correct.

Yeah! I’m starting a Gothic Anti-Defamation and Violence League.

Despise us no more!
This false light we abhor!
Embrace the hearts!
Of the deep dark!

No, but seriously. Us Goth folk get brutally murdered from time to time for looking funny.

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