Flag flap may make us ugly americans

Sometimes you take a stand no matter how bad it makes you look to everyone else. Of course, sometimes everyone else is right, and you take the stand anyway because you don’t want people to think you’re willing to buckle.

At the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday, countries will be dipping their flags when they parade past the Queen. It will be tradition. It will be good manners. And the United States, standing on principle, will not do it.

I’m outraged that this is even an issue. The American flag dips to no monarch except Christ the King. Elizabeth is not my queen.


To be clear: it is official that we are not dipping it, correct?

Just run Obama out there to kneel.

It’s just good manners at an event meant to show respect for different cultures.

Doesn’t that go both ways?

We never have, and besides protocol calls for the flag to NOT be dipped to ANY foreign ruler.

Yeah yeah yeah, the Left will cry about anything. Just keep Old Glory flying tall and proud to let Her Majesty know…We still ain’t comin’ back to the crown.:thumbsup:

And, when does your flag dip for Christ the King? Is that part of your church’s Sunday Mass service? :shrug:

The U.S. has dipped its flag at several Olympiads. It’s only in a MILITARY context that it is not customary to dip the flag.

Only in a military context.

Just love the anti-British feeling. And, one wonders why people in other countries hate us for our arrogance. :shrug:

This is a big nothing over which to get your bowels into an uproar. :frowning:

Forget it, we shouldn’t show respect to someone because of who their father was.

Agreed. Tell the British to get over it.

But you can always count on someone to laud the ridiculous lack of patriotism we have today.

How about Jesus? Is He not a son of the Father?

Since when does it “dip to Christ”?

Does He have to show up personally?

Where is this found in official flag protocol? :shrug:

He also made a name for himself in the process. But Obama might tell him “You didn’t do that”.

Little bit different, seeing as how it’s Jesus Christ and not some foreign queen who’s only on the throne because they didn’t want the Catholic Stuarts to rule.

The US did dip the flag at the Olympics in 1912, 1924 and 1932, then didn’t, again, in 1936, apparently as a referendum on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Nonsense. Try to get over your hatred for the British. :frowning:

Just curious - why would the US dip the flag in 1932?

That was in Los Angeles. Don’t know why.

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