Flag or ban repeated scrupulous posters?


I know we have had the discussion before about people with scrupulosity posting here asking “is this a sin” or “is this okay”. I know we talked about how posting here might provide them with some reassurance. Also, many of the people who fall in this category might make one or two posts or threads, then they usually move on. So in most of these cases, it’s not worth getting out the ban hammer.

However, what about the case where a person exhibits all the signs of scrupulosity, is told repeatedly by at least a half dozen or more different posters that they should seek help and not keep posting here, but keeps posting here anyway, and just won’t leave the forum? I am concerned that the responses the person gets might actually be harming their condition.

Would it be appropriate to flag in this case?


it comes down to the mods, we flag, they fix.
banning is a bit too harsh.
And then we would have to apply these rules to the other threads asking ’ how can I stop this or that…’

It would also help if people Just did not reply to them .


Ignoring first and then flagging if the poster was asked to stop by several others.

Not all the fixated are scrupulous, and this should apply to all thteads.


Could I gently suggest that you start a new thread or message the moderator? @camoderator

The Orthodox poster (whoever that is) and his suspension are off-topic for this thread.


Yes, please flag if you see a person who is suffering from scrupulosity and note that in a charitably brief accompanying comment.

We have a policy in place to assist them. God bless you all for your diligence in making the CA Forums a means to advance God’s Kingdom in our challenging modern times.


This might be a topic for another thread, but there are also some who don’t seem to realize that they cannot really help a scrupulous person on the internet, and that they might be doing more harm than good getting into long engagements with them. I know their motives are good, but spiritual and possibly psychological counseling are what many of these posters need (and I’m not saying that to be snarky).


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