Flailing Obama slumps to lowest ratings of his presidency, as US voters see him as ‘a weak and indecisive leader’

On Tuesday night President Obama will deliver one of the most important political addresses of his presidency, trying to convince a war-weary American public to support his call for military intervention in Syria. Having casually drawn a red line in the sand on the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, Obama’s own credibility – not that of the United States – is on the line. But he faces an uphill struggle to win over public opinion, and is almost certainly heading for a heavy defeat on Capitol Hill, where opposition is mounting among Members of Congress.


I would say “I told you so” but the damage to the country is so severe Id rather I had been wrong about him.

About time, sheesh.

C’mon 30’s:D

His writers have had days to come up with a speech for tonight. Will they have time to change it for the changing circumstances now?


He’s been the Liar-in-Chief for some time now; the Current Occupant has carved up American society and seems intentionally committed to reducing Christianity.

Thank the Democrats, the ostensibly-Catholic Democrats, for this sad mishap. Our nation’s really being twisted.

I have worn out my mute button since he started living in the White House.

Currently, President Obama’s aspprovale rating is 43.6% (Real Clear Politics) This puts him well above a few other presidents I could name. At least he recognized that using chemical weapons on your own people was wrong.:rolleyes:


Unless of course you are doing it to kill babies…:shrug:

I don’t ever remember seeing people as disappointed as when Obama was re-elected. We can’t afford another mistake like this with Hilary.

Obama can be a good, even great president sometimes. The attack on Syria thing shouldn’t have come about.

For example where?

I am reminded of a great post,

Abortion will remain legal until Catholic Democrats come to love the unborn more than they hate the GOP.

Before Obama supporters start Bally-hooping like their hair is on fire, and before Obama detractors start their “happy-happy-joy” dance, it’s very typical for the lowest approval ratings to be seen at this point in a second term.

So what is the current approval rating for congress, which sees 90 percent of incumbents re-elected again and again?

Just saying…this is not a country of astute and accomplished students of political science.:shrug:

Yes that was a great post - esp because it sums up the main reason why abortion is still legal.

Regarding Obama, he is one of the worst presidents of the modern era. But he will be given a free pass by those receiving entitlement goodies, and by the liberal press. Most of all, Obama will be forgiven by Democrat Catholics (some who post on these forums) because they believe charity equals taking from others and redistributing it to the poor in the form of entitlements (which keep the poor dependent on the handouts). Strange, these Democrat Catholics and how their minds work.


Obama is just running for a third term as President. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Give credit where credit is due. I stole it from Golda Meir and paraphrased it to cover abortion

It is unfortunately the view of many Democrat Catholics that one can fulfill their personal obligation to help the poor and needy by voting for someone who promises to take other people’s money and do it for them

Oh yeah,but he’s perfectly okay with using chemicals to kill our country’s unborn!

Hmmm, that does not seem to add up somehow, I thought we Catholics , old party and Dems, only represent less that 25% of the country’s population. And I am sorry to say that it is going to take more than far left Dems to change the evil in our country. How about all the other so called believers in God??? The GOP, the Dems and all the other factions.For the most part the whole country needs conversion, or have not you heard yet holy ones? We are all sinners, the lot of us.

He’ll finagle his way out of this one the same way he finagles his way out of everything - find someone or something other than himself to blame.

That he has any supporters left is a very depressing fact.

Lord,look kindly on the weakness of all leaders of the world during this terrible time of decision and hasten to our aid, for without you we can do nothing.
Remember the poor and afflicted in this troubled world and do not let this day be a futher burden to them but some how a consolation and joy.Amen
Peace, Carlan

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