Flamboyancy among men


My question regards flamboyancy among males. Please note, I am NOT talking about natural degrees of traits commonly thought of as feminine, that some men have in greater degrees than others. I’m talking about conspicuous or “over the top” comments and mannerisms, that are not done for ironic or satirical purposes.

So basically, assume a man is chaste, and possibly SSA, possibly not, but just acts a wee bit more fabulous than the rest of us. Is there anything inherently sinful about this, and if so, why it may be so.




Could you clarify what you mean by “a wee bit more fabulous?”


The man who serves in our parish, reads, sings and serves runs the streets every early morning (usually about 3am) in a pink g string. Now that is flamboyant!. Sinful? That is not for me to judge.


Sometimes I assume it’s a matter of mannerisms of which the person is not fully conscious, sometimes combined with a speech impediment. We should be charitable and non-judgmental when that may be the case. In the case of true effeminate flamboyancy though I’d say it’s done an extremely ugly, and yes, presumably sinful spirit. Of course charity is still needed in any case, but we don’t have to pretend we don’t understand what is going on.


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Flamboyancy by definition is not sinful.


Fabulous is just that – fabulous!


Why would this be an issue for the moderators?

And to answer the quoted question, I’m referring to ostentatious affectations that may border on camp, but that are not done ironically. Like Nathan Lane’s character in Birdcage, in contrast with Robin Williams’ character.


I have mixed thoughts. On the one hand, I do enjoy people with unique characters and flair.

On the other hand, it does strike me as showy, and therefore immodest. I’m not saying all flamboyancy comes from an attention-seeking motivation, but it certainly does attract attention to one’s self regardless.




I don’t think it is sinful. I don’t think they necessarily realize how they come off and I don’t think it is intentional.

I like the use of fabulous. It is an interesting word to describe the behavior.


Thanks for the thoughtful answer. I think you may be right, I guess my concern is whether it’s something that is bad because it’s inherently attention-drawing?

I like the use of fabulous. It is an interesting word to describe the behavior.

Thanks. I honestly am trying to avoid cliches, but at the same time convey real ideas.


A pink G-string? Really? Sounds immodest at the least. He wouldn’t be doing that in Kansas at this time of year without some serious frostbite. I judge it to be weird.


Weird, yes, as that is all he wears, year round. Immodest but legal. I feel sorry for him as he must be living out a fantasy. I pray for him and keep it to myself.


Yeah. . . I kind of go with this.

On the one hand, it’s nice to see something who ISN’T trying to look like a slob. . . and, truth be told, men in 2013 dress lousier than men in 1940 or 1960. Hard to respect men who dress like boys or beach bums.

BUT if there’s a whole attention-seeking thing tacked on to this, it’s unpleasant.


I’m in my 40s. I guess I’m almost middle aged now. I dress in shorts/jeans and colourful t-shirts most of the time, except when it’s cold. Does that mean I’m less worthy of respect because I don’t wear flannel trousers (pants), a shirt, tie and a tweed jacket?

I don’t like to see anyone judged by their sartorial choices (other than if those choices are to cause alarm by exposing themselves in ways that are illegal). It’s only one step away from the attitude that women who are sexually assaulted asked for it if they were dressed in a less modest way than their grandmothers.


There’s a great, ancient tradition in the Eastern church known loosely as “Foolishness for Christ” in which men were probably more colorful than their contemporaries all in the purpose in bringing people to Christ. St. Symeon the Holy fool is probably the best known of this, he would run around naked dragging a dead dog, throw acorns and heckle the priests and do cartwheels down the aisles of the church all the while performing miracles and bringing people’s attention God.

Considering the aesthetics of the ancient world, I would dare say that this man was flamboyant x1000, but closer to God than all his townsmen. So flamboyancy itself can’t be sinful if it is used for God’s greater glory right?


That’s a great question.

For Church gatherings and events, I think it could be a good thing. But it strikes me as too irreverent for Mass, as well as gimmicky (seems very similar to clown Mass).


Well, I suppose it will be interesting to see how many people are drawn to Christ and his Church by the man who runs in the streets at 3am each morning in a pink G-string. Could it be the start of a new ‘ministry?’

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