Flame of Love (again)

A couple months ago I happened to show up at a local adoration chapel right when they were having the Flame of Love Holy Hour, so I joined in the prayers, which were being led by an older religious Sister. I had never heard of this so went to the website for the devotion to research it. I may have come across the past thread on this forum discussing it too.

Since then I have been occasionally saying the Flame of Love rosary or the three Hail Marys with the addition at the start of a “regular” Rosary, and the Unity Prayer. I would also go to additional prayer groups for it, but the main parish having them seems to have difficulty keeping an accurate calendar, so I have shown up for a scheduled one and found it is not happening, etc. I also got a copy of Elizabeth Kindelmann’s diary and have read partway through it. It seems like while this devotion is well known in this diocesan area, when I travel to my other diocese in a different state, no one has heard of it.

A few questions:

  1. I was under the impression from something I read that Pope Paul VI had approved the devotion. Is that correct?

  2. Why are we only just now hearing about this devotion? I realize Elizabeth lived in a country that was to some degree cut off from the West, but that ended quite a while ago, I thought.

  3. Is anyone else a little put off by the “tone” of how Jesus sounds in the diary? He seems different from the way he appears in the writings of other saints. I have to admit that if this book did not have the imprimatur, I would tend to think it was autosuggestion in the mind of someone who was very devout and had had a difficult life. I feel badly for thinking that because someone suggests the same to her in the book and she is very devastated by it; I also know we aren’t required to believe in these apparitions (although I have no difficulty believing in Fatima, Lourdes, Kibeho and others that have been promoted by the Church, or in St. Therese of Lisieux’s visions reported in her autobiography, etc.) I’m just kind of taken aback by how Jesus sounds. Maybe this is a translation to English issue?

It does take a while for certain devotions to trickle down and be known by many others.

Not everyone is in a place where they can accept certain private revelation.

It is not correct to “push” on others certain devotions that inspire us greatly but upset others.

Let the Holy Spirit be our guide.

(Just my two cents!)

Thanks. I will keep reading through the book (it’s the long version with the full diary).

I am thinking it is possible that Jesus could present differently to different people depending on their needs and the message He is trying to convey. I don’t find the book upsetting, just a bit joyless in parts. The practices it advocates, such as prayer and penance, are good (and the same things we have heard before from many other sources). I’m also trying to keep in mind the author was a lay Carmelite and that likely gave her a different mindset and set of standards for her behavior.

When I first read the book it seemed to me that it was written in a way that was concise and quick to read.
For me it was necessary to read in between the lines to understand better.

Dorothy…Third Order Lay Carmelite (many of my Carmelite friends are just getting to know
about the book).

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