who likes flamenco?

I always loved flamenco.

When I was a kid, I lived in Gibraltar. Every other girl I knew had a flamenco dress and I wanted one so badly but my parents always refused to get me one. I like to remind my mother of this sometimes. :smiley:

What is Flamenco…

(I have a feeling I’m gonna get yelled at for this question :D)


Not to be confused with the Brazilian football team ‘Flamengo’.

This is flamenco (music video)



OLÉ! :smiley:

:dancing: Nice!

:smiley: it is!



Flamenco basslines are fun!

NICE!! thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I love Flamenco! :smiley:

My favorite songs are those from Andalusia and in particular those that are like a defiant lament. This music has been the one that I have been able to listen to as I was recently wounded. It compliments my pain, mourning and lament.

I like these from Youtube:

He is saying that he has been sentenced to death if he is seen speaking with her. The killers can start sharpening the knives because he cannot stay away.

In this one, the gypsies are being forced out of abandoned buildings to stay out in the open air. The chorus: Why do you spit on my face? What wrong can I do to you by being a (morena) dark skin gypsie.


U see, I like flamenco dance since I was a kid and I knew a little about flamenco music. Then came this man in my life and…lets say that I see flamenco in a whole different perspective. Now, flamenco reminds me of him, specially Chambao. Right now, I can’t listen to Chambao because of memories. But he left a mark in me about flamenco. Nevertheless, I still like flamenco.

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