Flash mob in Canada sings the Hallelujah Chorus

Flash mobs are large groups of people who prepare a performance to be held in a public place without notice and that appears to come out of nowhere spontaneously. This one will touch your heart. Enjoy.


This literally moved me to tears. Beautiful! Amazing!

THANK YOU for sharing :):):slight_smile:

That was wonderful. We sang that song during a Christmas concert when I was in high school. :thumbsup:

So beautiful... I loved it. Thanks for sharing :)

Here's another one that a friend of mine shared with me recently - over 650 people singing Hallelujah at Macy's in Philadelphia, with the music played on a pipe organ. Gives me chills and moves me to tears every time...

I love these ‘Flash Mob’ videos! You never know when-or where-they might happen! :smiley:

I’ve sung the Hallelujah Chorus a few times. Last time was in Advent 2009 at a ‘Messiah Sing’, which is where the audience is the choir!

So cool to see-and hear-the praises of God sung in the midst of Mammon! :thumbsup:

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