Flashback: Before Smearing and Harassing Catholic Children – Native American Nathan Phillips Accused Frat Boys of Harassment in Similar Event


Professional victim, it can be a career if you are progressive.


Also he lied about his time in the service. Was never ever in Vietnam, not even close, was never a “recon ranger”, no such classification. obtained his rifleman badge than spent the remainder of his time as a refrigerator mechanic stateside. Went AWOL 3 times. All of this is out on twitter with his DD-214. I won’t link the thread as it comes with a video with language that is NSFW.

Legit service members have a phrase for this guy: stolen valor. Comes with a great deal of contempt.


So superficial…God will see through the unrighteous.

FYI for those who don’t know, some form of the rifleman badge is given to every soldier or marine in the military. Regardless of their job, they all have to qualify on the rifle. Achieving the minimum qualification standards earns one the “Marksman” badge. Surpassing the minimum standards bracket earns one the “Sharpshooter” badge. Hitting every single target earns one the “Expert” badge. Soldiers and Marines have to qualify at least annually, meaning they can upgrade or downgrade their badge annually depending on how well they shoot.

The point is, this award has nothing to do with being a “Recon Ranger”, anymore so than simply being a member of the Marine Corps Reserve makes one a “Recon Ranger”. Charitably, Phillips is conflating two different units- Marine Recon, and Army Rangers. Recon Ranger isn’t a thing. Also, being discharged as a Private (basic grade, E1) after 4yrs of service means that one either got docked rank on a regular basis for offenses against UCMJ (probably 3x AWOL for him), or one was actively barred from promotion, probably due to the same reasons. All that said, I am starting to think that Mr. Phillips has some mental health issues, as most of these stolen valor types do.


I often watch that SeAL guy’s YouTube vids where he exposes stolen valour. Woo wee. Elder Phillips certainly, amusingly fits that bill. Stolen valour and bald face liar.

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So basically this guy is a professional victim that goes out of his way to start controversy/hell.

He also tried to interrupt a Catholic Mass for self-aggrandizement. He has lied about his service record. He tried to intimidate a teenage boy. He has nothing to teach anyone. He should ask forgiveness from God, his people (for dishonoring them), and the United States Marine Corps.

Great respect to our veterans, and to Native Americans. However, being either or both together is not a guarantee of either truthfulness or good intentions. Mr. Phillips has, in my opinion, no credibility. I’m sure Covington Catholic administrators and the Diocese of Covington will welcome him and perhaps even treat him like the great sage he imagines himself to be. If it calms the public uproar, fine.

One thing is crystal clear to me–there is deep animosity toward the Roman Catholic Church and its institutions in this country, particularly on the part of the radical left, motivated in part by our opposition to the slaughter of innocent unborn human beings. I fear it’s only going to get worse. Christ said we’d have to choose between the world and Him, even between friends and family, and Him. I’ve made my choice. God bless our Church, God bless the students of Covington Catholic High School, and God bless America!


I would just like to make the point again that I do not think Nathan Phillips has explicitly engaged in “Stolen Valor”. Nathan Phillips has only ever publically claimed two things; that he was in the Marines during “Vietnam times”, and that he was a “Recon Ranger”. The first claim is absolutely true. He served in the Marine Corps Reserve for 4yrs from ‘72 to ‘76. The second claim is false as far as publically knowable facts are concerned. There is no such thing as Recon Rangers in the Marines, and Phillips himself was a refrigerator mechanic. Seeing as the Recon Rangers don’t exist, this isn’t so much stolen valor as it is embellishment.

The issue with Phillips and his Marine Corps service is that he has gone just far enough to suggest that he served in combat in Vietnam without actually claiming he served in combat in Vietnam. He has never made any attempt to correct any journalist who has published a story saying Phillips served in Vietnam. Moreover, he has thrown around his Marine Corps “Vietnam” service as a mark of credibility and respect. In actuallity he was an unreliable Marine that went AWOL 3 times in 4yrs and was barred from re-enlistment due to this behavior. At a time when this country was hurting for men who wanted to serve.

Take it for what you will, but if he wants to use his Marine Corps Reserve service as a resume builder then people should know he was basically fired from the Marines.

CORRECTION: Nathan Phillips did actually say he was a Vietnam Veteran in an interview with CNN. So he is just an all around liar.

Obiously, this whole thing is a stunt by the Native American. And, he is trying to create a news story about how Catholic School Students Push Native Americans.

Surely the PRESS will support the native American so to put more “PRESSure” on the Catholic Church.

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