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I know we have discussed the Flat Earth Myth before. To recap:In 1896 Andrew Dickson White, the founder of Cornell University, wrote his “History of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom.” He further advanced this Flat Earth theory. He depicted religion as something that needed to be swept away to make room for “real” science.

     Andrew Dickson White promotes this ludicrous          falling-off-the-edge theory, which had no basis in fact whatsoever, with          his following statement:[INDENT]             “Many a bold navigator who              was quite ready to brave pirates and tempests, trembled at the              thought of tumbling with his ship into one of the openings into hell              which a widespread belief placed in the Atlantic at some unknown              distance from Europe. This terror among sailors was one of the main              obstacles in the great voyage of Columbus.”

By the end of the 1800’s and onward to just recently, practically all secondary school text books erroneously promoted this myth that those in the Medieval Ages believed the earth was flat.

[/INDENT]This past week I was watching an EWTN special on Icons and they showed the following as an example that is found in a Church built in AD 547.

Basilica of San Vitale is a church in Ravenna, Italy. It features an image of Christ sitting on a blue
**spherical globe representing earth.
**As King of the world, Jesus is robed in majestic purple.

Clearly the Church knew at least by AD 547 that the shape of the earth was spherical.

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If I recall correctly even the ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was a sphere of course not perfectly spherical but you know what I mean

The idea that earlier ages believed the Earth to be flat is unlikely to go away, despite the common observation from earliest times of ships going over the horizon, and the experiment of Eratosthenes that around 300BC determined its circumference within approx. 10%.

(It was this that Columbus’ backers feared; not that Earth was flat, but that the distances were just too far; as would have been true had the New World not been there.)


All because cultures were primitive, doesn’t mean they were stupid! They correctly interpreted all the evidence of a spherical earth. I think poor drawing techniques had more to do with the misconception than real belief.

Good point about the icon of Christ on a globe. There is plenty of globular Christian imagery before that, too. My favorite example is the globus cruciger, which is a traditional image depicting a cross sitting on top of a globe, often held in the hands of kings or popes, such as in this image: sites.middlebury.edu/middartmuseum/files/2013/06/012_tsar_aleksei_sceptor_globus_crucigeur.jpg

The Byzantine empire often used the globus cruciger in its imagery. Here is an example where Emperor Constantine I is holding one: constantinethegreatcoins.com/symbols/medallion.jpeg You can read more about that here.

Here is another one of Constantine holding a globus cruciger: constantinethegreatcoins.com/comm/Aquileia129.jpeg On the left-hand image, the globe is on the top of the cross scepter, whereas on the right-hand image, an angel is holding a cross scepter, and the globe is on the bottom where it is traditionally located. Both of the coins I linked to come from the 300s A.D., which means Constantine the Great was aware of the world’s roundness and used that in Christian imagery to signify how Christ was king of the world.

There is also an even more ancient example of a Christian hymn which mentions that the world is a globe. In 191 A.D., St. Clement of Alexandria wrote several hymns to Jesus at the end of Book 3 of “The Instructor.” They are translated at the end of this webpage: newadvent.org/fathers/02093.htm

The last hymn on that page is called “To the Pædagogus,” right after “A Hymn to Christ the Saviour.” Of course, both hymns are written to Jesus, but one is about Jesus as Savior and one is about Jesus as Teacher (which in Greek is Pedagogue). The second one, “To the Pædagogus,” includes these lines describing the act of creation: “[You] broughtest forth the sunshine and the day; / [You] appointed their courses to the stars, / And how the earth and sea their place should keep; / And when the seasons, in their circling course, / Winter and summer, spring and autumn, each / Should come, according to well-ordered plan; / Out of a confused heap [You] created / This ordered sphere, and from the shapeless mass / Of matter did the universe adorn.”

It is my understanding that St. Clement’s works were very popular not only in Alexandria but in Western Europe as well. So there you go! Christians around the world were singing the praises of Jesus for creating a spherical earth as early as 191 A.D.

The flat earth myth largely derives from Washington Irving, who had the Catholic Church oppose Columbus’s voyage for fear of falling off the edge in one of his historical novels.

One often sees this meme posted on Facebook and atheist websites:


You’ll note that there is no citation as to the source of this quote, and there’s a good reason for that. Magellan never said anything like it.

The actual source for the quote is from an essay by Robert Ingersoll (1883 - 1899 AD), who was more or less the Richard Dawkins of his day, titled “Individualism”, who used the classic misattribution trope: “I believe that it was ----, who said ----.”

It is a blessed thing that in every age some one has had individuality enough and courage enough to stand by his own convictions — some one who had the grandeur to say his say. I believe it was Magellan who said,“The church says the earth is flat; but I have seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more confidence even in a shadow than in the church.” On the prow of his ship were disobedience, defiance, scorn, and success.

As the writings by Magellan are few and there is no such reference to anything like that, we can presume that Ingersoll pulled this quote out of, ahem, nowhere.

He wasn’t the last politician to do so - Barack Obama, who was probably dozing in whatever history classes he bothered to attend, said this in a speech:

*Here’s the sad thing. Lately we’ve heard a lot of professional politicians—a lot of the folks who are running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed—they’ve been talking down new sources of energy. They dismiss wind power. They dismiss solar power. They make jokes about biofuels. They were against raising fuel standards. I guess they like gas guzzlers. They think that’s good for our future.

We’ve heard this kind of thinking before. Some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail—they must have been founding members of the Flat-Earth Society. They would not have believed that the world was round.*

To be fair to both sides of the political spectrum, Glenn Beck said something similarly foolish and even managed to claim that Galileo proved the world was round…

(As a piece of trivia, Ingersoll was indirectly responsible for the writing of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Per Wikipedia, “Citing one inspiration for Ben-Hur, Wallace recounted his life-changing journey and talk with Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, a well-known agnostic and public speaker, whom he met on a train when the two were bound for Indianapolis on September 19, 1876. Ingersoll invited Wallace to join him in his railroad compartment during the trip. The two men debated religious ideology, and Wallace left the discussion realizing how little he knew about Christianity. He became determined to do his own research to write about the history of Christ. Wallace explained: “I was ashamed of myself, and make haste now to declare that the mortification of pride I then endured… ended in a resolution to study the whole matter, if only for the gratification there might be in having convictions of one kind or another.” It is not known for certain when Wallace decided to write a novel based on the life of Christ, but he had already written the manuscript for a magazine serial about the three Magi at least two years before his discussions with Ingersoll. Researching and writing about Christianity helped Wallace become clear about his own ideas and beliefs. He developed the novel from his own exploration of the subject.”)

Most ancient peoples believed the earth to be a globe, or at least a half-globe, especially the sea-faring peoples: When you watch a ship disappear over the horizon, the mast is the last to disappear from sight, which suggests a spherical shape to the earth. Just because they were ancient doesn’t mean they were not analytical.

I personally believe the earth is flat as now we have laser tests basically proving it.

But remember this requires that you research documentaries on kubrick, the moonlandings, Nasa false pictures, etc etc and you completely detach yourself from ‘the World’. It wasnt easy for me at all to believe that Satan has children who dwell on earth in the likeness of human beings. They do things which are completely contrary to human nature or natural order - so much so that its impossible to conveive WHY they do these things. The answer is they are doing what they do - attacking Jesus and his true people (the Church).

For instance, how many here know theres not a SINGLE real picture of earth from space and Nasa admits this?

Our Lady Of Guadalupe proves without a shadow of a doubt that the universe was created for us and they sit in heaven looking down into the ‘hollogram’ of our universe. Our Lady gives us comfort and leaves us with no doubt on these matters. I feel so fortunate to have Mary and know her and love her so much with all my heart… I just really love her a lot.

I do admit, I have read some modern ‘flat earth’ material, and some of their arguments are pretty good, and would not be shocked if the Govts of the world all being in on some kind of conspiracy, ( I do believe they are when it comes to another topic, but wont discuss that in this thread), it would all depend who benefited from such a conspiracy though, I realize Satan has a firm grip on our world, but what good would it do him if the earth was proven to be flat instead of round? None that I can think of.

Not to mention, nowadays virtually anyone can buy a drone, or a Gopro type camera, send it up into the sky, it wont reach outer space, but close enough to see the earth is not flat. This is sort of like those that still believe the holocaust was a conspiracy, there is just too much proof from individuals.

Well actually on youtube they do have those videos were they tie GoPro cameras to balloons and bring cameras straight up filming the flat horizon. I also have to say the sun seems MUCH closer to the earth than claimed. Like… EXTREMELY close lol.

Proving the earth is flat can be huge. REALLY huge and its not something to take lightly. If they find the world is flat, all the theories of gravity etc are destroyed as well as admitting our govt agencies and educational institutions were lying. The term given for this is ‘hiding God’. A whole paradigm shift never seen before. A loss of confidence in false Idols. Admitting we really are the center of the universe and created.

What the flat earth would do, is so huge, it is said to be the ONLY thing that could call together all humans into a one world religion and bring PEACE once all humans know God is real and watching us… a time where all true believers come together back to One true church is prophecide and people would esily see past their differences under the circumstances, especially considering Our Lady Of Guadalupe and the shroud.

Imagine humanity worldwide no longer believing their in a ball anymore. Its so huge, that I feel it could be the ‘Big thing’ that could meet prophecy. It’s exploding in popularity over the past year and well… it made it here isnt it? Islam is definitely on board with this needless to say and the differences between us are smoke and mirrors, So much so I fealt it could be by Gods design because the two religions amazingly are skin deep in core beliefs almost like they were neant to join in the future (i know it sounds crazy).

I dont think any of this will happen, but its possible and good to be prepared if it starts to really break out.

Theres a GREAT video called ‘flight times exposed’ which show clearly there are no direct flights from South Africa to Australia. Its a really long trip and the refeuling is in DUBAI. Also look at the shadows on the moon visibly and youll find strange shapes that simply do not correspond with the ball earth. Youd be amazed how textbooks and other agencies have no explanations of what is before our eyes. We’ve just been lead to believe they know obvious things when they dont at all. They are essentially priests of their own religion. It took me 2 years to completely pull away from the world. I just thank God he allows evidence as comfort and ensure we can identify Satans lies if we are willing to look.

Btw theres a GREAT video on JFK called the ‘Jfk assasins’ or something like that. its long and the video shows people involved in the assasination point black, exactly how it was done, etc. The truth really is out there. Youtube has made it extremely, extrmely easy to inquire into historical events and present both sides. Timothy McVeigh wow… Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past wow… Recently, Charles Manson conspiracy wow.

Pick a direction, any one will do. Keep heading in that direction, use whatever transportation you need, you end up back where you started. You may now remove your tinfoil hats. Thank you.

Are some of these posts serious, or is this some sort of “spoof thread?” :eek:

Can you back your claim that there are no pictures of Earth from space? Also there are plenty of direct flights from South Africa to Australia, you can search for them via google or any other search engine and buy one in five minutes flat if you have enough cash. Unless you believe the aircrew are knocking out the passengers and secretly refueling at Dubai that rather puts a significant hole in your theories on it’s own.

The fact a laser test has been done, or you see a flat horizon up in an airplane is greater evidence than a theory.

The will not advertise a refuling. Theres whole youtube videos on this. Also there are people on Youtube calling and asking if cruises exist and none of the do. The Nasa stuff is well documented. They’ve only ever been a movie studio. the space images of earth are deception which is not of God. all their pictures are CGI and false. Heres proof.

As far as the moon landing goes, it has been debunked 100% if anyone is interested and has been admitted by those involved. The videos (real docentaries) are all over Youtube.

Remember the Freemasons are the enemy of the Church, the enemies of Ireland especially, and represent the Sons of Cain, not the Sons of God. NASA and worlwide space programs belong completely to Freemasons so they are not our friends and are at opposition to the Church.

Even if there were no nonstop flights from ZA to AU, that would prove nothing except that there was no demand to support such flights. Flights are expensive and won’t be run if the seats don’t sell.


Love it when science dropouts start ‘proving’ things…the horizon appears flat because the earth is really big! Mount Everest is only 5 miles high, even 20 miles isn’t great compared to 7917.5 miles - the diameter of the earth. If earth was flat, how come satellites can orbit the earth? I really hope this thread is a joke, it’s embarassing to admit these ‘theories’ come from the same species!

Youtube is not vetted by anyone. If you can find your scientific evidence in peer reviewed material (that meeans proven by those with science degrees and accepted by others with similiar degrees). I’ll look at it as more than reading best scifi of the year anthologies (which usually contain some good science!)

There is nonsense of all kinds on Youtube. Perhaps you can explain to me why if the Earth is flat all the other planets are not and why when I pick up a simple telescope the planet Mars and Jupiter appear as globes in it. Off you go.

I wouldn’t even put it up there with good sci-fi. As you say hard sci-fi often contains actual science. Even the more speculative branches of sci-fi usually have more science than this sort of stuff.


I have jumped from planes high enough in the atmosphere that I needed an Oxygen tank. I could see for myself the curvature of the earth, which can also be seen when you are on a high enough mountain.

So, no, with my own eyes I have seen the curvature of the earth. The Earth is round.

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