Fleece question..very important!


Before you answer this question I would only ask one thing, if you don’t mind. That is if you could ask the Holy Spirit to guide your answer before you answer. Thanks!
OK here we go. I had a question on a very important decision I have to make in my family life. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND WILL CAUSE MUCH SACRIFICE ON MY PART.
I sought councel of 2 priests and got 2 different answers on what to do. It is one of those grey areas. So one day while saying my rosary in chapel I asked our Lord if he would be so kind as to help me and if He wanted me to decide on the way I felt that I should, I asked if He could (like Saint Theresa does) give me a flower within the next day or two. I asked Him if He would please NOT let a flower come to me unless it was a fleece and His decision. I NEVER get flowers.
The next morning I received a call from the church and they said they had a care package for me and my children since I am alone with them. The woman said, “I know I don’t even know you but you came to mind to me yesterday and that I should give the care package to you”. It was a lovely food basket and with it was a flower arrangement with one large flower.
Because it is so important that I decide either way I now begin to think was this a coincidence or did God really send this to me for a sign. Are fleeces even answered or was that just the Old Testament?
I would appreciate any advise you can give. God Bless!


I’m sorry, but what is a fleece?


The only fleece I know of is a cloth material???

I do think that if you prayed for a flower and then you got a flower, it is probably from God.


It’s like Gideon in the Old Testament put out to God. He said, if you show me a certain sign I know it will be Your will and God did it to show him it was His will. He asked again for a certain sign because he thought it was just coincidence and God did it again and then he knew.


I suggest you ask again.


Yes, you asked God in front of the Tabernacle (right? It was in a chapel and I assume the Eucharist was present) to give you a flower if A and to not let any flowers come to you if B. Not only does He send you a flower arrangement with one big flower, but a care package through the church!

Perhaps the answer is not to just jump right into your decision that you would have made if you got a flower, but to maybe more carefully research that option and angle of your problem. It definitely seems to me that God is calling you that way, and if so, that must be the true way to go. If you research the Catechism and perhaps seek further counsel from priests regarding specifically the course of action you are leaning towards since you got the flower, you will find that they also will support this decision.

Sorry it’s so hard to get my point across speaking so hypothetically :o I hope you understand what I’m trying to say!


Pray a prayer of thanks to God.

What do you NEED to SACRIFICE? :confused:


Well, my sacrifise is like this. My husband of 20 years (5 children) up and left for another woman because he was driven by riches and she happened to be rich. He divorced me and filed for an annulment. I was heart broken obviously and leaned quite a bit on God. I spent many hours in chapel sitting with the Eucharist in prayer. I was finally to the point where I was so heartbroken of seeing him with this other woman that I prayed that the annulment would come quickly. It did come and one day when I was praying in the chapel I felt a surge of peace come over me and I was deep in prayer unaware of anyone around me. I could hear the Holy Spirit say to me so clearly “You are still married in Heaven”. I didn’t understand it and questioned it so many times to our dear Lord. I soon found out that my husband lied in order to get the annulment. People told me it is his sin and just move on but my conscience would not let me be. I finally asked God in chapel about it and this is where the fleece came in. I begged him to let me know because if He meant this and I was still bound in heaven then I would be living the rest of my life alone (something I really don’t want to do as I am only 44 and full of life). So I begged him to send me a flower if he still wanted me to honor my vows. That is why it is so important for me to know. I remained dateless while waiting for the annulment and when it came I thought I could start a new life. Much to my dismay I am contemplating living single as to not end up in hell if I am still married. I would be guilty of the sin of adultery. A very serious offense to God. Then I also read about Pope JP II said divorce is evil and the bishops are abusing the annulment process.


maybe you should be talking to a canon lawyer? anything you get here is speculation.


This is what I would do. File for annulment with the TRUTH. Just because your ex got an annulment when he lied, doesn’t mean you couldn’t get one with the true facts. I second the idea of speaking with a canon lawyer. :thumbsup:


Talk to your parish priest or the priest who assisted with the annulment. You need clear answers from a cannon lawyer. You had peace in Christ and now this is destroying your peace. You need true clarity on this issue.


Thats a tough one. Your in my prayers today. :slight_smile:



That’s the problem. I spoke to the tribunal. But it seems that all annulments are going through regardless and from what I have seen in statistics it is mostly under the newest reason that Vatican 2 brought out which is inmaturity or not really knowing that the vow is permenant. What scares me is that in 1967 there were 400 annulments in America and last year there were over 60,000. Pope JP2 spoke out loudly about the bishops giving easy annulments. He called divorce an evil destroying the family. What if all of these easy annulments are passed through and aren’t valid? Is that possible?


You dont need to worry about that. You need to worry about your own ability to do what you need to do now.
The last thing on your mind now should be questioning the Church.
You need the Church more than ever now, more than fleece, more than anything. Lean on her, and she will not let you down.:thumbsup:
Sometimes satan likes to cast doubt disquised as a real problem.
Go forward brave christian soilder! Dont doubt Gods will for you now, nor the church for doing right by you.:wink:


Yes, you are right. Pope John Paul the Great did call the bishops to be more careful with granting annulments. But since you’re not a bishop, Ilovemykids, that wasn’t directed at you. I would still see if you could get an annulment based on the facts and not the fabrications of your ex-husband, though. What did the tribunal say when you told them that your ex-husband lied?


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