Fleeing child abduction, slavery, rape and theft in Iraq


From the Irish Times:

“My neighbour in Erbil has a two-year-old daughter. They said, ‘Give her to us. We will raise her.’ My neighbour cried and pleaded for half an hour. Then they forced the baby’s father to kiss their shoes, to humiliate him.”

Stories of gang-rape by jihadists, a practice known as “jihad al-nikah” or “sexual jihad,” abound. It was allegedly “legitimated” by a religious leader in Tunisia to help the Islamic State recruit young men. Sunni girls in Mosul have reportedly died by suicide rather than accept multiple forced “marriages”.

I don’t even know what to say to this kind of stuff (comments that would be within the CAF rules, that is).


All I could think about is throwing up when I hear this. Yes it’s been happening to both Syrians and Iraqis. Christians and Muslims. Those Jihads have no God only sex and blood.


God Almighty Father, I leave these innocent souls in your hands to protect from all evil visible and invisible. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


And just think, some of these savages will be returning home to England, Europe, the U.S., etc. Indeed some have already returned to Germany and have started causing trouble in a Yaziri enclave in Germany.



All believers need to storm heaven, pray for the victims, and pray for our enemies (as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ.)

Catholic families that are mediocre need to start praying together, our Mass and our Eucharistic adoration times need to be flooded with praying people.

Strong spiritual warfare is going on everywhere. The weeds grow beside the wheat. Where sin abounds grace abounds.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be our strength!

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