Flies and the Devil?


I was just at a delightful child’s birthday party that had a few too many flies. One of my more unusual friends started talking with great conviction about how a swarm of flies is sometimes the devil. If you say a prayer to your guardian angel and they go away…it was the devil otherwise it’s just flies.

This sounds odd and possibly superstitious. She only said it to the adults. Thank goodness! My kids are scared enough of bugs without thinking they are the devil.

Has anyone ever heard of this or known someone who believed this?


I believe in a few stories of the Saints the devil manifested as a swarm of flies.

Obviously in some claims of hauntings and in some television and film adaptions such as The Amityville Horror flies were seen harassing people.

Beezlebub is associated with flies in the occult world he’s called the lord of the flies.

It probably wasn’t demonic though sometimes flies like to breed heavily in areas especially where there might be animal waste.

Even if your neighbor has pets and you don’t it can create a high flies population.

Sometimes flies get in my dumpster and lay eggs later I find maggots inside the bin and then much later a swarm of flies as I open the lid to throw my trash outside.

Always rule out the natural causes before you jump to El Diablo.




Thanks. Yeah I don’t assume it was the devil. It seemed like very normal irritating fly behavior to me. I just had never heard of that belief and figured more people have heard of it.


I always presume that all flies are the devil, and then proceed to squash them.


I felt so silly that I only this year learned you don’t have to wait for them to land to swat them with the fly swatter. Swatting them in the air gets them just as well.

Both of those techniques lack the finesse of my husband’s method, shooting them with a rubber band from across the room.


Really? Haha, that’s awesome!


He must have spent years perfecting that art. hahaha


Mostly flies are just flies. But I’ve heard that sometimes the devil uses them to signify the way he sees humans. As rotting flesh.
But either way, one of those electric tennis racquet things usually does the trick.


Hi Hoosier_Daddy,

That’s really interesting–that the Devil sees us as “rotting flesh.” I had never heard that before.

Thanks for posting.

It’s good to see you here again. I had wondered how you and your family were doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

May God bless all of you! :heart:


Thanks oldgraymare2. I’m the same Hoosier-daddy but this one with a dash instead of an underscore. For some reason they cannot transfer my account from the old system over. Oh well…


That’s some bone-chilling symbolism!


It is superstitious.
Australia is full of flies. they are just an insect. Nothing more then annoying.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I think that other members had the same issues, too.

I didn’t have any problems. I just had to create a new password, like many of us had to do in order to sign in over here at the new CAF. Our new passwords have to be at least 10 characters long.

At any rate, I’m glad that you’re here again! :slightly_smiling_face:


The meaning of the name Beelzebub, which in some translations of the Bible, such as the Protestant King James Version and Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible, is associated with the prince of demons, as in Matthew 12:24, is uncertain but some think it literally means “Lord of the flies.”


You probably should have told her that without flies, the spiders would starve and without spiders, the birds would starve, then thanked God for the flies!

Sorry to appear flippant. You described her as “unusual”; I usually give them, and sundry similar types, a more down-to-earth thought to ponder. Of course, I do it in the spirit of caritas, and it usually helps. YMMV, though.


I like your approach. I’ll never know what I would have said. She was talking to my husband who was about to say something about poop and then my mom swooped in and changed the subject.


Exactly! This is just superstition.


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