Flight into Egypt

Does anyone know of a good online map of the route Mary and Joseph took into Egypt? My thought is that going that route would be even more dangerous today than is the time of Jesus.

It would be dangerous for Westerns to be in Egypt at all these days; wait one or two years for the politics there to cool off.

As to the route S. Joseph took: get an historical map showing the Roman roads in Egypt and Judaea around AD 1. Since he was walking, he likely took the coastal road across the top of the Sinai.


Thank you GEddie for the tip on on Joseph’s route to Egypt. I have a hard time getting my head around the Geography of the Middle East both in Biblical Times and now. And the images comming from the Middle East (particularly Egypt) are almost too horrible to bear. Perhaps the current refugees from Egypt are following Joseph’s route in reverse.

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Having been there, the geography is not all that involved:

Heading generally southwest, then: Roman Judaea to Roman Egypt; now: West Bank (Bethlehem) to Israel to Gaza to Egypt.

If Egyptian refugees are showing up in Israel, they are in fact approximating Joseph’s path in reverse.


In his classic book, “To Know Christ Jesus”, Frank Sheed speculates that the Holy Family probably would have not taken the main coastal road out of fear of being overtaken by Herod’s soldiers who might have been sent to catch them. Remember, they had to flee in the middle of the night when the order to kill all the male children was given. The safest thing would have been to find an alternate route through the desert, one that perhaps smugglers and bandits frequented. The logical place for the king’s pursuers, on the other hand, was on the main road. By the time they found out the Holy Family was not on that road, they would have been well out of Herod’s jurisdiction.


AD 125, not AD 1, but given the history, probably not changed very much.

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Thank you so much for the Map I think I can Google a modern map and match their route. Very happy New Year to you. It was certainly good that Herod did not have drones.
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In Egypt, there’s a fair amount of tradition about places where the Holy Family stayed. Check out some Coptic websites; they’re not Catholic but the traditions are genuinely old.

I can’t remember if the ancient traveling Roman Christian lady, Egeria/Etheria, visited any Holy Family sites when she traipsed through Egypt in Constantine’s day. (The webpage egeriaproject.net has some interesting maps.)

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