Flood Damage


Please pray for my son who lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. His new home’s basement was recently flooded. He’s only lived there for 4 months and his home was the only one with flooding problems. I suspect the contractor graded something wrong. I pray that the contractor will make this good without having to resort to expensive legal action. Please pray.




Praying for you son.


I’m praying for them now!!


Praying. :gopray:


Will keep your son in my prayers.




Will keep your son and all victims of flooding in prayer…
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Praying for your son…


Many thanks for your prayers. I was out there this weekend and they seem to have everything under control. They had 10" of rain over 2 days and their sump pump got overwhelmed. They are installing another sump pump and doing some grading which should help.

God bless you all for your prayers!



I will continue to pray that all goes well.


Thanksgiving for blessings already received and continuing to keep the situation in prayer…

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