Flood the vatican with letters


Let us flood the Vatican with letters to Pope Francis asking him to remove every Priest, Bishop, Archbishop, and Cardinal who had any involvement, no matter how small, in any sexual abuse case. Even if it is so many that the Church collapses, It is the only way. We cannot sit back and watch this happen anymore, or we are also complicit.

How about a million Catholics marching in protest? It needs to happen. I pray someone who can figure out how, and will organize it. There must be change in the Church. We have to demand it!


Better yet, pray for all priests, bishops and lay persons.


Amen TheLittleLady. PRAY UNCEASINGLY for ALL Priests, religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning vocations to the Priesthood and the Religious life.


That goes without saying, but it is not, in my opinion, “better yet”. Public outcry is the ONLY thing that has made the Church take steps against this.


We wrestle not against flesh and blood.


I feel really uneasy about all this. I hear and read lots about how Humanae vitae is celebrating it’s 50th year and how the pope predicted the collapse of the family, less respect for women and less dignity for human life, and then I’m reading more more about child sex abuse by the church…


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We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

The children are flesh and blood, right in front of us. Some have committed suicide over this. Yes, this is all demon led and we need to pray to God. However, Church leaders have been so corrupt they have left children suffering in their wake. Would Jesus do nothing here on earth? Did He not turn over tables of the money changers at the Temple? Would He not turn over tables at the Vatican, and local churches when He sees corruption? I’m just suggesting writing letters or peaceful protests. It seems to be what they pay attention to.


Write to YOUR Bishop and demand an investigation into the Seminaries. That’s where this all started.

Then again, why write letters to Church Officials? They’re apparently incompetent. :man_shrugging:t2:

Regardless, it’s not my job to run the Church. If the Pope wants me to take over he can call. :vatican_city:


Protesting and writing letters after the fact is all well and good, but far better that millions of Catholics had been praying the Rosary every day lo these many years. We as Catholics have not done our part either. We are not performing our obligations as brothers and sisters in Christ.


That is certainly a good point. I don’t think many paid too much attention to our Lady of Fatima’s warnings and request to pray the rosary for peace.


And every laity member and religious who has ever been involved. All of them. Because it’s the experience that as many laity and religious as priests are and have been engaged in this activity.

Then write government and demand the same of secular folks


So flooding the Vatican with letters telling them to solve a problem they know needs to be solved will help how?

Demanding change? Has change not happened since this all exploded 10-20 years ago? Are there not very strict rules for all, clergy and laity, who are around minors in the parish?

Do you not know any good and holy priests who do NOT abuse kids, who do NOT sexually exploit children? Good and holy priests who have followed God’s call and live their vocation just as God would have it? I do. I have had the privilege of never being in a parish where a priest was sexually abusing kids. I’ve had the privilege of being pastored by good priests who wouldn’t consider harming any of their flock.

Clergy who sexually abuse children should be removed from their position. Those who covered up abuse should be removed. There should be, and I believe there is in most places currently, zero tolerance policy regarding allegations of abuse.

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