Flooding puts Cedar Rapids, much of Iowa under water


Cedar Rapids flood recedes; Des Moines levee fails

By MICHAEL J. CRUMB and JIM SUHR AP Writers Floodwaters rush over Second Avenue near North High School on Saturday, June 14, 2008, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Please God, give comfort and help to all those whose lives, homes, families, and livelihoods have been damaged or lost. Have mercy on them all.

lost our apartment in Coralville, IA several days ago due to the flooding…and the water won’t be at its peak until 2 days from now…

I’m very sorry to hear that, Crenfro. The floods have been horrible. The last news I heard stated that the water level in Cedar Rapids was dropping at 4 inches an hour, which is better than was forecast. I hope your losses are at a minimum

Very sorry to hear that. I lost my place to flooding in Ames in 1993. Losing all my “stuff” was frustrating, but losing all the irreplaceable stuff was most difficult. Yearbooks, family heirlooms and special documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses just can’t be replaced.

I also recall the shock on being in a house one day and a red cross shelter the next. The only silver lining was to see my community unite to get past all the destruction.

The funny thing is that 15 years later you would be amazed at how sparse the furnishings are in my home. I’ve never gotten past the notion of how fleeting our existence is and simply choose not to have a lot of stuff.

It has been difficult to watch events transpire to our East. It brings back painful memories of the lost summer of 1993. A victim of the current flood summed it up best when he said “I’m losing everything but the water don’t care”.

It will get better and soon. Iowa will be an example to the nation as to how well people can manage in a disaster. By September the only thing on the minds of Coralville residents will be if the Hawkeyes will manage to beat the Cyclones.

Best to you!


Thank you so much for the comforting thoughts.

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