Floral aroma before ceremony?

First and foremost I apologize if this was the wrong place to post this kind of thread. I looked around and couldn’t decide where to post this question, so I hope this is ok.
Anyways yesterday evening was the dedication ceremony for our new church which my family and I attended. :slight_smile: At one point before the ceremony started out of the blue I smelled a strong aroma of flowers. At first I assumed it was perhaps someone’s perfume, but no one new had stirred in any of the seats around us. It was so strong I thought no one else could have possibly missed it, but nobody said anything. Then after a few seconds it started to fade out until it was gone. For whatever reason it never occurred to me at the time to ask anybody else If they had smelled it too, but afterwards when I asked my family no one else noticed anything! I was just wondering if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else? I’ve heard that is how a holy presence makes itself known. Does anyone else know of the meaning of something like that happening?

There have certainly been stories of saints in which the scent of flowers seemed to accompany a holy presence. When Our Lady wanted Juan Diego to convince his bishop that the message he brought was in fact from Our Lady, she filled his cloak with fresh (out of season) roses.

However, unless there is a need to verify that this was miraculous, I would suppose that it was probably someone’s perfume, or perhaps, flowers (were there flowers for decorations for the dedication?)

It is generally a good idea to start with the most ordinary explanation for things, and only go to the extraordinary when the ordinary possibility has been eliminated.

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