Florida City Opts to End Prayer at Council Meetings Over Threat of Suit From Satanist

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Officials in a Florida city have opted to end the presentation of prayers at city council meetings altogether rather than face a possible lawsuit from a Satanist who is seeking to lead an invocation.

Activist Chaz Stevens had submitted a request to city leaders in Coral Springs and other Florida cities to lead a Satanic invocation during the city council meeting. Stevens, known for erecting a Festivus Pole made of beer cans at the Florida Capitol Rotunda, submitted the requests to make a point: If you allow representatives of one religion to pray, you must allow them all.


“We want to make a circus out of it,” Stevens told the outlet. “We want to make a fiasco out of it. We want to make it so … utterly ridiculous that they rethink this.”

… not that we’re obsessed. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, looking at some of the comments, it’s sad to see how many folks in our country assume that Freedom of Religion = Freedom of Worship.

“This incorrect view of religious liberty argues that faith should remain a private affair—relegated to personal activities or weekend worship services,” she said. “Step outside the four walls of a home or house of worship and robust protection of religious freedom ends.”

As Fr. Mitch Pacwa likes to point out: Freedom of Worship is what the Soviets had.

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