Florida congressmen caught with Cocaine

I have been hearing this quite a bit on the news and have to laugh everytime I hear it, Im surprised this is even news worthy, does it really surprise ANYONE a congressmen was caught buying 3 grams of Cocaine? LOL,

Or the fact he got off with NO jail time and received one years probation? The today show talked about this and were acting like this was a huge news story…?? LOL

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Of course, the only reason this is an issue is because the government seems to think it has some business regulating people’s behavior.

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Why is this such a non-story when we are bombarded everyday by accounts of Rob Ford’s antics in the same MSM?

Please pray for the person and his/her family.:o

We should not laugh at those with alcohol or drug problems.

I think if they are politicians they deserve all the ridicule they can get. They live a privileged life and if they cannot abide by the laws then I think public ridicule and berating is perfectly appropriate.

Drug/alcohol addiction is no laughing matter. Most employees would get fired for less than what the congressman did. I’m willing to bet there are people sitting in jail for similar offenses. I agree, this is nowhere near a laughing matter. I just wonder why its been less reported on than, say a corruption charge or sexual misbehavior would be?

Republicans are held to different standards. It’s a lot easier to get away with scandal if you’re a Republican because the MSM protects you. IOKIYAR.

IN the future, I will remember the forum rule about such topics, thanks for the heads up.

Its not just republicans held to different standards, its basically people in high positions, positions of power or authority, or people with money, seem to be above the law in many instances, this used to be common knowledge in days past, and it still is common, but just not mentioned as much in the news, plus many younger people think everyone is held to the same laws in this country…naive, I know, but some people do believe this!

I think most people would be shocked to hear of all the things that go on in our leaders private lives, or the lives of some of the richest people on the planet, It is hard to believe there is actually people out there today that think a fortune 500 CEO would be held to the same laws in a court versus a regular working class guy!!! Some of these powerful people buy and sell sex slaves by the truckload, for their own pleasure, yet nothing is ever mentioned about this, and if it is ever outed, someone else takes the fall to protect the important person, the same thing goes with any other criminal charges, thats why important people or people with alot of power usually do not have to worry about trivial laws like the rest of us. Its sad, but its always been this way and will probably always be this way.

Are you being sarcastic?

I’m guessing that this is a sarcastic reference to conservatives who complain about double standards by the media and protect Democrats? Right. And if Bush presided over Benghazi and a chaotic mess of the healthcare system, the media would be treating him with restraint, objectivity and fairness.


Because that’s a non-story too. Take it up with the MSM.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. When a Democrat gets caught in scandal, he’s forced to resign immediately and he’s hounded day after day after day after day by the MS conservative media. It’s also worth noting the differences between Republican and Democratic “scandals:”

Bush - several top aides of his directly reveal the identity of an undercover CIA agent, jeopardizing national security. One aide gets convicted but commuted of sentence, the rest have no mark on their records, the media blows over it.

Obama - his IRS team investigates both conservative and liberal organizations for misrepresenting themselves as apolitical. The MSM reports it as Obama sending the IRS out to destroy conservative groups.

Bush - leads a country into war on completely false evidence, with entire media support and drumbeat until the very end, hounding them into submission with cries of anti-patriotism if they don’t. Afterwards, liberal groups who complain about it are decried in the media as “far left” or “anti-war” groups.

Obama - has 4 Americans die in an unfortunate security lapse and puts out a false story about what happened until full information is known. He is hounded still to this day about the topic, and the MSM discusses how it supposedly is “torpedoing” Clinton as well. The MSM manages to force Susan Rice to withdraw her name over the supposed scandal.

Larry Craig (R-ID) - Commits adultery with another man; he’s in the spotlight for less than a month, and the entire Party allows him to stay in office until his next election.

David Vitter (R-LA) - Hires prostitutes, engages in extreme cases of adultery. Barely has any media attention over it, and he wins reelection with a substantial portion of the Christian vote against an extremely moral, 100% pro-life Democrat.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) - Sexts adulterously, gets huge media attention over it, and is forced to resign immediately by his Party as a result and is largely blackwalled by them.

Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) - Hires prostitutes, gets huge media attention over it, and is forced to resign from his governorship immediately by his Party as a result.

Mark Foley (R-FL) - Engages in ephebophilic statutory rape with several male interns; rumors over his actions barely make any media dent until there are an extremely high level of accusations against him, and then the MSM repeatedly erroneously refers to him as a Democrat.

I don’t really think I need to go on.

Yeah…that MSM…always backing the Democrats…what a crock. They smell blood on the ACA and are covering nothing but the problem areas, not looking at at states where enrollment is exceeding projects. But wait,that’s a Democratically led program/ It can’t be.

Exactly. The fact that the news stories have been nonstop “look at how bad ObamaCare is!!!” [TM] should make anyone think twice about the crock term “liberal media.”

I agree. When, occasionally, something like Bill and Monica comes to light, that could be just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe someone powerful enough was mad with Bill and decided to publicly humiliate him.

The media themselves identifies as liberal. Statistics of journalists across the nation consistently shows them to be around 80+% liberal. To argue otherwise is to lie in fantasy.

Look at statistics from the 2008 and 2012 elections:


Only would people with anti-conservative agendas pretend the media doesn’t have a liberal tilt We get more honesty from national opinion polls (where they agree the media has a liberal bias) than we do from this website on the issue sadly.

It seems like when the media covers something bad for Obama like the failure of the ACA launch, it is biased against Obama,

When it refuses to dig into Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, NSA FISA violations, Obama’s continually changing statements from when he was both a candidate and a Senator, and numerous other stories, I actually saw people on here claim it was because those weren’t real news stories, implying the media is actually fair and balanced. The argument was “it is only a big deal if the media addresses it.” Which is it?

The fact is there has been hardly any good news on the ACA worth reporting, especially relative to what the President told us. Even the successes the President’s own people choose end up actually being failures. For anyone to blame the media for focusing on the ACA’s bad rollout is a complete joke. No one cares about the few “successes” when most aspects have been complete failures. It’s like saying the Hindenburg had nice paint. You have democrats fleeing from the entire thing, not because the media is hying the failures, but because they reality is they know their constituents will hold them accountable for it next year. If it was a success with their local states and districts, they would simply run on that, but they can’t.

I have never seen anyone more apt to cast blame for something than the current administration and his supporters. Whether it is his staff, the Republicans, or the media, it is always someone else’s fault. Hardly an admirable qualities in a man, much less a President.

I seem to remember we were talking about a lawmaker who pleaded guilty to a drug-related offense. Doesn’t really matter to me that much if Democrat scandals get treated differently from Republican ones…what I find remarkable the difference between this politician’s treatment and the lot of the common man.

Drug offenders are commonly discussed and treated like the lowest life-forms on the totem pole in our society - and I don’t support that for a second, so it is interesting to see the low-key way this has been handled. Delayed reporting, rehab, a break from the legislature…and then what? Back to life as usual maybe? I find this quite remarkable and hope the same courtesies will be extended to ALL those who struggle with illegal drugs.

Just goes to prove there is different standards concerning powerful people versus low level people. Ive known this for a long time though. There are some that are 100% above the law.

Im guessing this guy is just using this to his advantage, he has claimed he is going to rehab now (if that ever happens), come election time, he will use it and say he overcame a great problem in his life, and now sees what is important, etc, etc. but in reality, Im betting he will just be more careful about buying his drugs and likely just have an aid go fetch things for him in the future.

The difference is, these kind of people have PR people working for them and can put a spin on the whole incident to make it seem harmless, or showed that he overcame something powerful in his life, etc. if lower level people had this, we would not see anyone in prison for drug offenses either.

Finally, probably the main reason he did not get in any real trouble over this, he had a great lawyer, lower level people usually have to accept public defenders, good lawyers can get anyone off the hook for anything, it is an art form!

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