Florida lawmakers debate offering a Christian license plate


If I was in Florida I would buy one.

Personally, I am more offended at a Florida Gator license plate being a Georgia Bulldog fan. :smiley:

But, I guess the question is: Is it moral for the government to profit off a religion?

I don’t think the government profits from the plates…
That’s the big question, though… Where does the money for the specialty plates go? I’d HAVE to know.

I’m a proud owner of the “Choose Life” plates in FL, and the extra cost of the plates is donated to adoption programs…

My second choice would be the FL GATOR plates, but I’ve already sent enough money there as it is! :wink:

Again, I don’t have a problem with specialty plates of any sort, because the money goes toward a specific charitable fund (it’s more of a form of advertising for your charity, in my opinion)… but I’d never choose a plate I didn’t agree with!

For the proposed “I believe” plates… I don’t know where that money would go!

Ok, additional revenue, as a governmental reporting unit you are correct. The proceeds after production, distribution, administration, marketing and other costs; I wonder where do they go?

But I guess in order to be fair about the whole thing, we should offer Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and Atheist Tags too?

However, if the intent is to get more people to drive like they are suppose to and actually drive “nicer”, I would support that for sure.

Unfortunately, it almost surely would become an ornament, like the untold bumper stickers and fish emblems and stickers plastered all over peoples cars that you can see while they cut you off in traffic, then flip you off.

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