Florida Man Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend With Cheeseburger

this is just…



This is sad.


We need a Cheezeburger cat tie in here …

Sorry, but I fail to see the humor in this.

Smashing a cheesburger into this woman’s face is an act of violence.

How is that suppose to be funny?


When you click the link this title pops up:

Florida Man Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend With Cheeseburger

If you didn’t chuckle when you read that, I’ve got nothing for ya, man.

No. This is not funny. I’ll explain why since you have never probably been in this situation.

An argument or pride got so escalated that to prove a point, the woman threw property that is not hers, out of the window, on the ground, therefore ruining it.

The man got so upset he grabbed the woman’s arm, hard enough to not let her go, grabbed a burger, and smashed it in the woman’s face because it was availible and he was full of adrenaline. He then pushed it her face even more, after it was on the dirty ground.

Getting your face smashed in with any object while somebody is full of adrenaline, and doesn’t know what they are going to do is NOT FUNNY.

I didn’t laugh at the headline and I knew it would get worse as I kept reading.

You don’t see any humor in assaulting someone with a cheeseburger? I can’t even type this with a straight face. :rotfl:

No more than I see the humour in raping and cutting up a little baby with a straight razor. Same principle.

How about this: Would Jesus laugh at one of His creation using more of His creation not as intended to cause pain to somebody created in His Image? It is REALLY not funny. It is attachment to sin if you find it so.

You’re taking this too seriously. What you’re saying could be applied to any kind of humor.

:shrug: Oh well.

No. It really can’t.

It’s worse than that. She threw away his drink because he would not let her out of the car.

Beside that, if he had a drink in his hand then likely he had been drinking (and perhaps so had she). Alcohol and quarreling are a bad mix.

There is a difference in degree though. I find using extreme examples to make a point can weaken the point.

Not with accuracy though. Not all humor includes any element of anyone being hurt, nor of anyone attacking someone else.

I’m not sure alcohol was involved. I thought “drink” meant Coke or Sprite. But, you are right; her retaliation was in relation to his controlling, degrading behaviour. He was already being abusive before the sandwich came into play.

The next article will be that she is suing McDonalds because that’s where he got the dreaded cheeseburger.

I’m going to call it Not Funny after getting the gist of what happened. When I read the title and thought of a man chasing someone with a chomping burger with teeth in it it sounded possibly funny, but not to be able to get out of the car is scary, not funny.:eek:
I hope he does hard time, too.

you are right… and you made me feel guilty for laughing… :banghead:

Hey, by the way… this is kind of a first… (at least a first in a very long time)… someone (other than Jesus) making me feel guilty??? hmmm…

Anyway… that being as it may…

“domestic” violence is definitely NOT funny…

The scariest thing he did was not let her out of the car… (unlawful imprisonment)… :frowning:

I’m glad the authorites also didn’t think it was funny ($1000 fine)…

I know someone who got her face punched with a clenched fist…

That is worse, obviously… and the thing is, the guy probably only grabbed the cheeseburger because it was handy… What if something had not been handy. Maybe next time it will be his fist…

And frankly, throwing someone’s pop out the window doesn’t strike me as a serious act… certainly not one to warrant what the guy did…

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