Florida mayor bans Trump from city after candidate's proposal to stop Muslims from entering US


Playing off of Trump’s earlier words, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman tweeted Monday that he was banning Trump “until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps.” foxnews.com/us/2015/12/07/florida-mayor-bans-trump-from-city-after-candidate-proposal-to-stop-muslims/

                                Trump should hold a public rally there.


Mr Trump does not seem to realize he has referred to citizens from nations all over the globe. And it does seem he would expect no reaction to such generalization.
In fact ,there are persons from all fields who travel worldwide: business ,medicine ,research ,and the list extends to much of human activity.
Hope he does realize a US president has much global influence. And expect some adverse reaction from countries who protect their citizens as much as he says he means to protect his own.


Naturally the Mayor’s action is just a joke. I hope Trump makes a beeline to St. Pete and likely draws thousands of supporters! GO TRUMP!!


Trump is a joke. How any intelligent people take anything he says seriously amazes me.


I agree, but the fact that they do terrifies me.


Fellow posters who grew up in the Uk or Ireland may remember this kid’s show:-


This thread reminds me of it.


Sheesh, you’d think he’d appointed a “married” gay ambassador to a 80+% Catholic nation which opposes gay marriage in an apparent attempt to spite them. Nobody would ever do that.

The mayor is clever, and within his rights. We’ll see if he also boycotts any of Trumpt’s money should he deciee to invest in St. Pete (again).

Perhaps somehow can enlighten me, but have candidates been banned from cities before for saying offensive things? The mayor acts like this is a first. I find much of what John Kerry and Barack Obama said extremely offensive, but don’t recall them being banned. I could be wrong of course.

True, but remember, the country elected Barack Obama, twice. I am not sure you should be that surprised.


The ridiculous thing about Trump and anyone who supports him is that much of what he says has been said about virtually all ethnicities in this country. We are a country of immigrants except for a relatively small group of original inhabitants we well know were treated quite unfairly.


“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mcgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub! :slight_smile:


Please don’t try and highlight this sort of irony. We were all also ALL unborn at one time, and yet we don’t have any problem supoorting candidates who proudly endorse the right to the kill the unborn.

There is wild inconsistency in what riles people up.


Loved the lady who didn’t stop chatting. I can’t remember her name!


Trump is a windbag. But that being said I do not agree with banning him from entering the city because in the United States we have freedom of movement. Since this is the Catholic forum and it seems you are Catholic and you support him I would recommend you go to confession


Are you saying someone who supports Trump should go to confession?
Why would that be?


Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of anyone being banned from any city (there’s ‘banned in Boston’, but that refers to bands not being allowed to perform there if I remember correctly) for any reason. If you’re not breaking the law, you can’t be banned from a place. So I’ll take the mayor’s comments as purely rhetorical.


Not sure where that one came from and potentially presumes my stance on abortion.


Who said anything about you specifically? I used the pronoun “we” to sort of collectively refer to the populace. Didn’t mean to specifically appear to target you.

I just don’t think the fact that we were all descended from immigrants who may have been treated poorly will resonate when folks don’t apply the same logic to much else, especially the right to exist.


The Mayor is not within his rights as such is directly prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, Article1, Section 9, that states that Bills of Attainder are prohibited.


I don’t see how legally he can ban a US citizen from visiting the city.


Right Cider, the statement was simply a joke. But it will give Trump the chance to hold a rally there and have a big crowd of supporters. :wink:

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