Florida pastor credits prayer group with moving Tropical Storm Isaac away from the RNC (VIDEO)

Florida pastor Jesten Peters has credited her prayer group for sending Tropical Storm Isaac away from the Republican National Convention.

Isaac took a northwestern route in the Gulf of Mexico and largely avoided the Tampa Bay area and Peters, of Keys of Authority Ministries, told the Christian Broadcasting Network that the group was able to pray the tropical storm away, asking God to spare the RNC from harm.


I think they might have forgotten to pray for all people to be kept from the harm of the storm. The folks in Louisiana and Mississippi could use them!

All people?

I think in this case the evangelicals consider the Republicans the God appointed party, and rememeber this is from Pat Robberson’s network and Mr Robertson himself ran for President as a Republican.

Personally I don’t think God takes sides with any political party.

Nor do I, and neither would it be appropriate to pray for the protection of Republicans alone. Their “protection” became harm to others - something isn’t right with that … :frowning:

Maybe it was God … maybe it wasn’t. Who are we to say either way? :shrug:

And I agree with the previous poster - God isn’t Republican or Democrat. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world and I only have to watch a couple of political ads from either side to know THAT is so true.

That does not impress me. Praying the hurricane into doing a 180 away from Slidell and moving back into the Gulf – that would have impressed me.

My thoughts exactly. These dimwit televangelists want to take credit for “moving” a hurricane so it doesn’t hit a bunch or rich politicians in Florida.
But those poor people in Louisiana and Mississippi? Well, thats okay.

I’m a Repubican, and I agree. The question isn’t whether or not God is on our side, but whether or not we are on His.


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