Florida's GOP gubernatorial nominee says a vote for his black opponent would 'monkey this up'


A good example of dog-whistle campaigning.


a complete misrepresentation of what he said and very unfair to accuse Rep. DeSantis of racism.


Though a bad choice, you are desperately reaching to call it a ‘dog whistle’

Can’t win on the issues perhaps? I hear he wants a 40% corp tax rate.


Amazing how liberals do immediately think of blacks when they hear the word “monkey”. It’s a dog whistle, all right, a liberal one. If I were black I would find them offensive.


This is a governor’s race. How would he impose such a tax?


States have corporate taxes too.


States do impose taxes, that’s why so many incorporate in Delaware. 44 states levy a corporate income tax rate.

to be clear, he wants to raise their rate by 40%, not make it 40%. This is a legit issue to take sides upon for voters.

Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, said in January he would increase Florida’s corporate tax rate from 5.5 percent to 7.75 percent, an increase of 40.9 percent the current rate.


Thanks for the clarification.


Um, no. As Shapiro points out:


I remember in 2016, there were people holding signs apparently encouraging the beeping of horns that said “Honks for Hillary” here in Maryland.

Was that a shot at my whiteness, and should I be offended?


You mean like this?



Amazing how some people are so unaware of the history of this country they think it’s in any way alright to associate the word "monkey"with a black person. That’s not a dog whistle, that’s just a whistle (if you want a dog whistle he also called Gillum “articulate” which has its own long, racist history).


This stuff is really excessive, and I really do think only liberals ever think these things. I didn’t even think Biden calling Obama “articulate” was a racist slur. Did you?


The accusation should not even be dignified with a response. Pretty outrageous. I’d be more likely to vote for DeSantis because of this slander.


I think people know the Democrats were the party of slavery.


“Articulate” doesn’t rise to the level of a slur in my mind, but Biden’s and DeSantis’ use of it in reference to a black man is at best ignorant and at worst a racist remark.


Didn’t seem so to me in either case, as I am confident neither man meant it in a racist way. I see no reason to assume either of them did or to create language rules barring the use of the word “articulate” when speaking of or to a black person.


Are you calling DeSantis a dog?!?


And Dredd Scott, and Jim Crow, and the KKK, and interment of Americans of Japanese origin, and the Trail of Tears.


I guess DeSantis lost your vote then. Shame.

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