Flu symptoms



I’m just curious what symptoms sick folks currently have.

For about a week I had mild headaches and some chills but no fever. The headaches are fewer, the chills almost gone, and now I have a low fever ~99.3. Kids at my school have been dropping like flies, so it was only a matter of time.

My daughter has a cough and fever of 100.1 She goes to community college, so again, only a matter of time until she came home sick.

Our school nurse has been good about helping us out, knowing when to send kids home and when to watch them. I was even in contact w/ her today about my low fever.

Just curious what others are experiencing. The CDC has so many bulletins out w/ so many variations, it’s so unpredictable.


I had a low grade fever of about 100, a sore throat, a very congested head, headaches, chills, some nausea, no appetite, and was very, very tired. I missed 3 1/2 days of work which is unheard of. I tried to go back to work on the 3rd day, but the dean made me go back home. I came back to work the next day and worked a half day. I work at a university and they are dropping like flies. Thankfully, my kids weren’t around when I was coming down with it, so they didn’t get sick.


Fever 100.8 for 2 days, fatigue, sore throat, cough, fever dropped the third day to 99.8, cough increased, fatigue decreased some. Spent two days basically sleeping, two days doing little bits at home and sleeping, by day five was feeling some better but chose to stay home because was still a little tired and didn’t want to share with the rest of the world, mostly at Mass (it was a Sunday).

Note this is not medical advice just what I did: Did the typical ‘take care of yourself’ stuff through out including some Nyquil only at night so the cough would not wake me up.

Brenda V.


My CEO is an MD, and we have to stay home for a day past the fever if family members are sick. So I’ve been home for a few days because the kids had fever - highest was 100.7. They had headaches as well. Slight cough.

They had seasonal flu shots and are not that sick. One had a positive strep test and a positive test for influenza A. The other just had a slight fever.

It’s day three, and they are climbing the walls. Not really sick.


Daughter woke up this morning with fever and headache. I gave ibuprofen and fever/achiness returned when the meds wore off.
The fever got as high as 102.2 and she also has no appetite, very sleepy and coughing. She has asthma so I am watching her closely. We’re still waiting for our flu shots(seasonal and H1N1).


Woke up today with a badly stuffed up head, very tired, no fever, sore throat from a lot of sinus drainage. Used the NetiPot to clear the sinuses and took Ibuprofen. Only temporary relief. I called off working in the parish library today, and will not attend Mass tomorrow or RCIA (I am a team member). I hate to miss Mass, but I don’t know what this will develop into, so I am not going to infect the parish. I had the flu vaccine, but I am in the high-risk category for complications from H1N1 and have not been able to get the vaccine yet, so I am praying this is just a cold. No loss of appetite, but I have to be on my deathbed, if not dead, to lose my appetite;)


Have had symptoms for 3 days now, fever <= 100.4, fatigue, nausea, headache, body aches (almost gone now), some cough and a lot of chest pain during cough.

I have only been able to have liquids, and even then I feel some nausea.

I don’t know if it’s swine flu or not.


We have an 8yr.old girl relative and the doc said she had contacted the swine flu. We all prayed for her and her fever went down and she was better in 3 days. On the 4th day she went to the movies with her dad.
My question is… did she really have the swine flu or did she get better because of our family prayers? My mom thinks it is a miracle that she got better all of a sudden.


DD (age 26) had cough, fever and body aches. Went to doc-in-the-box and they told her she was dehydrated. They gave her IV fluids, ibuprofen and Tamiflu and told her to stay home from work for a week. I’m betting she’ll go back before that.



Since Tuesday…I’ve had a headache all week…and a low-grade fever. The headache and fever is relieved with aspirin. I know I shouldn’t take aspirin but nothing else works. I am congested and have a bad cough and sneezing fits that seem endless. I’ve been taking coricidan at nights for that. I’ve had a little nausea and diarrhea. Last night I couldn’t sleep at all, because I couldn’t lay flat because trouble with breathing. About 6pm last night I finally fell asleep and am up again it’s midnight. I missed Vigil mass. I’m hoping I’ll get to go to Mass today.

Our parish canceled the fall fun fest because of all the students and parents out with the flu.


That seems to be fairly typical of what is going on around here and in my grandaughter’s school system. The public health authorities confirmed that what was going around her school system was the Swine flu and about half of the kids were out, but they are back in a few days. My 7yr old grandaughter had a fever of 104.8 with flu symptoms, and went to the pediatrician who said she’d be better in about 4 days and she recovered quickly with no treatment except Ibuprofen and bedrest. Her mother picked her up from school on Friday and she was back on Wednesday feeling fine. Now they did not do any bloodwork on her to confirm it was Swine flu, but given that it was confirmed by the public health authorities that it had hit their school system and was spreading rapidly and her symptoms were typical, it’s a pretty good bet that’s what it was. One 14 year old boy died, unfortunately, however, he had underlying medical problems. So very sad.


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