FlyBabies: Have you read Body Clutter?

This is a question for all of you FlyBabies out there… I am wondering if anyone has read Body Clutter and if so has it worked for you? I am reading it now and am interested in having a conversation about the book and it’s contents with anyone who is interested. Thanks!

**I have read Body Clutter after trying to find it for several months. It was a very interesting read, but to tell the truth, I have not started doing actual work with it (sort of like with the Flylady cleaning plans).

I have to say though that Marla is very brave to put herself out there and letting anyone who is willing to listen (or read in this case) all of her emotional baggage. I admire her a great deal. Just need to get off my butt (yes, literally) and get started with Body Clutter.

There is another link on this site about Flylady, you may want to try some additional support from there or keep bumping this thread every once in a while so it doesn’t get lost.

By the way, what are your thoughts so far, and do you think you could stick to the program. You had to have heard about it before buying the book.**

I am thinking of buying it…I already get the emails about organizing/cleaning…

***You may want to check your library for a copy of the book. Basically, Marla and Leanne tell their stories of how food controlled their lives and the steps they took and are currently taking to help themselves become healthier.

On* there is a copy on PDF of the Body Clutter Investigator. You may want to make a few copies of these and see how it works out for you. It’s a way to help you become more aware of your eating habits and how to improve them. If it works for you, you may want to purchase the book to help with some inspiration.

Good Luck!**

Thanks Maggie…I think I’ll ck out the website

Hi there,
Is there a flylady thread on here? :slight_smile:


I don’t think so, not officially anyway.
I like flylady…its helping me be more organized:) :thumbsup:

I love it. I have my husband “flying” too. :slight_smile:


There’s this thread for Flybabies:

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