Anyone here a member of If so, please share your stories, ideas, thoughts, etc. on her methods and instructions. What helps? What doesn’t? Have you improved on her methods, or revamped them to fit you better?

This is basically a thread to talk about anything relating to FlyLady.

I’ve been a member since June of this year, and it has done wonders for me and my house. We have far less clutter than we used to, it doesn’t take a crisis for me to get the house cleaned, and my husband has far less to do when he gets home from work. It’s wonderful.

Scout :tiphat:


I think Flylady has incredible insights into the minds and habits of people who are organizationally challenged. I would recommend this program to anyone. The only hard part is keeping your shoes on!


I have ‘done’ flylady off and on for about 2 years. Ok, I did it for about 3 months, then other things intruded to overwhelm, and I am now back on the band wagon, for about a week now.
I am very proud of myself, been keeping it up! We’ll see how it goes when I go back to work.
I like having the routine written down, and the timer is the absolute best way to get anything done. So far my bedtime routine is: pick up living room, run dishwasher, clean table.
I know, I know about sink shining… well, it is cleared out and empty usually if not shined.
My DH gets home around 1 am and usually dirties it up. I ‘sink shine’ before lunch and before dinner. It works for me.


Yep, starting Flylady when I was about 5 months pregnant with my last child. Hard to keep the shoes on when your pregnant and it’s about 80 - 90 degrees outside. Now, I just want my warm socks on.

I mostly do the morning and night routines. That really helps me…also, picked up the habit of making sure all clothes are put up at the end of the day. And Hot Spots, take care of them everyday.

Other than that, I haven’t stayed on schedule.

I probably will get back on tract whenever the little ones get a little older. It’s really hard to schedule EVERYTHING with a nursing baby, toddler and homeschooling 5 yo. We just stick to routines. That works for now.

BTW, I really like the daily email on the zone task for the day. It really helped. Also, the clutter issue. I still use the 15 minutes a day declutter task.

Flylady is great! Oh, you know, I also still do the weekly house blessing. Guess that I have picked up a lot of good habits from it.


if i stayed off the computer more i’d actually do it:D


I did flylady in bits and pieces for about a year. Some of the principles have really, really stuck with me (Hot Spots, routines) and I’ve transformed my planner (named Lucy) into the ultimate control journal - I have laminated my “staples” shopping list, and a packing list so I can use it with dryerase markers- I also have sections for gifts, party planning, auto maintenance, trip planning, projects, a section for keeping my home-business rolling, my baby’s medical records and obviously calendar and address book, EVERYTHING. I absolutely LOVE it! It cost me about $70 to put it all together but I got it for my birthday and it has paid back over and over.

The other things that have stuck with me are planning my meals a week in advance and having different days of the week assigned to particular tasks.

For cleaning though I use the old Sidetracked Home Executives system of the index cards in the box - that works a lot better then the zones for me. I clean 2 days a week, for probably 3 hours total (including ironing). My decluttering is worked into this schedule.

Sorry this is so long - but you’ve tapped into one of my passions! I am a total SHE who LOVES, LOVES being organized!


Organizationally challenged does not even begin to describe me… try slob, and we’re getting there.

My future brother in law crashed at my apt the other night, and wandered into my bedroom for toothpaste after I was out for the morning. :eek:

He was like, “I, uh, have a confession to make. I saw your bedroom. I walked through to your bathroom to find toothpaste. Er, not really walked, more like climbed, or walked OVER your bedroom.” :o

Yeah, it’s that bad. Is there any hope for me with this flylady???


FlyLady is awsome! My wife is the primary flybaby, but I have applied flylady’s techniques at home and at work. keeping control journals, 15 minute flings, shining the sink, so many excellent tips that you can gradually introduce into your schedule. My favorite part is that you can take one idea, and do it for two weeks until it’s part of your routine, then try to incorporate another one.
If you struggle with keeping order or if you feel you are in a funk, I highly recommend the site.

In Christ,
(flybaby) SofOL


before today, I had no idea that such a thing existed. But thank you, scout, I’m going to try it!

We’ll see how it goes. Today’s my first day, and I got the sink shined. :slight_smile:

I would love to hear about other’s experiences, too.


I had never heard of such a thing until today. Thank you, scout, I’m going to try it!

Today’s my first day and I have the sink shined. We’ll see how it goes! My husband was so excited for me when I told him about it that he actually giggled! :smiley:

I’m very interested in hearing about other’s experiences, too.


I liked some of her ideas, they are good to get you organized.

I didn’t like the emails though - WAY WAY Too many (~30 a day), and the problem is I have a night schedule, so I would get the emails right at the start of my day, have to go through and delete them all and then I’d forget all the advice before I headed back home to implement it.

Now I just drop by her site occasionally to pick up organizational ideas :thumbsup:


I’m not a member of hers online but I read her book Sink Reflections. Now, I still have quite a long way to go, but it did change my life!
I have a control journal, a morning routine, daily routine, and nightly routine. I know where my calendar and my to do list and my shopping list are. And someday when I’m not pregnant or don’t have a small (and usually difficult) baby, I’ll actually be able to complete all my routines :wink: My house is not as clean as I’d like, but its a lot better than it used to be!
I’d also recommend Sandra Felton’s book, The New Messies Manual. It explains a lot of why messies are the way we are and how to get started if you are living in complete chaos. And more.


I just joined Flylady because of this thread, even though I had heard of her before. I’m hoping that this, plus the spiritual motivation of “A Mother’s Rule of Life” will help me. The CHAOS of our house really stresses out my dh, and I think our large family would seem like more of a blessing if things were a lot more organized and clean.

So far, I am just keeping my sink shiny, and my shoes on every day. I haven’t really gotten started yet. I think I’m on Day 4 of the initial 31. I don’t know what control journals are, and I’m figuring out the Hot Spots and Zones.

I really hope this tactic can help me. I want my dh to be relaxed and happy to be home when he walks through the door. He’s very, very helpful, but sometimes I feel like he shouldn’t have to be after working all day at a stressful job.

Thanks for alerting me to this system!


I didn’t join, but just cruised around the site. The 2 tips I like & use have been mentioned above already; I just think it’s so funny how doing these 2 seemingly insignificant acts can start my day off on the right foot! (Conversely, choosing not to do them can often start me down the road to chaos.)

–shining my sink
–wearing my shoes

Also, I know this is a Flylady thread, but someone above mentioned Mother’s ROL. This is my favorite, favorite, favorite post from her site (
(It SO convicted me!)

[quote=]Dear Holly,

**Do you have any tips on how to tell when you’re offering Jesus the full five loaves, as you put it in your book, and when you just have less to offer? There is no less laundry in November than in July, but I certainly have less energy to deal with it. **

posted by Holly at9:25 PM

[size=2]1 Comments:

Holly said… The best way I have ever heard to answer this is:
**If you get up and decide to do the work you don’t want to do, and feel worse in 5 minutes, you’re ill or not up to it. **
But if you get up, do the work you don’t want to do, and feel better in 5 minutes, it was sloth. :slight_smile:[/size]


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