FOCA in National HealthCare Bill

Gosh! Didnt Obama flat out lie at Notre Dame when he said he wanted to reduce abortions? Not that I for a millisecond ever begin to beleive him. Liar!!! And he passage of this bill would make his ND visit much more scandalized//

Don’t forget that Obama said something similar about wanting to reduce abortions when he met with the Pope. What I find surprising are all the people who bought into the lie. How many times do people have to be burned before they realize that most politicians, left or right, don’t ascend to power by being brutally honest. They tell you what you want to hear and hope that most people will either forget about the broken promises or just not care.

Now, that was a rant better suited for a political website so I will end it with this small prayer. Lord, help all of us to not be blinded to the truth by someone’s simple words.

As pointed out in the above linked article, any healthcare plan will surely include abortion mandates. FOCA by other means. This administration is firmly pro-abortion and will advance that agenda.

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