"Focus on Faith" with Chris Cuomo from GMA

I recently saw a segment on Good Morning America where they intereviewed the hosts. One of those such hosts was Chris Cuomo (son of the former Mayor). In his interview he stated that his faith is one of the most important things in his life.

Following that segment I did a search on his name to find out a bit more and discovered a web based TV show hosted by him and a priest called “Focus on Faith.”

It isn’t too bad, a little loosey goosey but all and all it is something that is placing faith and the Gospel of Christ in the media.

Have any of you seen this or heard of it? Your opinions please.

Link below


God bless

I haven’t seen it but I did have a chuckle at the freudian slip in your thread title. :smiley:

Is is Chris Cuomo or Christ Cuomo?


It is in fact Chris Cuomo.

You know, you get so used to typing Christ that when you come to type Chris you just want to put the “T”. LOL

Thanks for letting me know.

Popping in…

Mario Cuomo, Chris’s father was governor of New York…not mayor. He actually tried running for mayor of NYC unsuccessfully, before becoming governor.

Carry on. :smiley:

Man I am recanting everything on this post. Thanks though.

Has anyone checked out the website though?

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