Focusing well.

Sometimes I have trouble focusing on Our Lady and Jesus at the same time,for example when I have a close connection through prayer and devotions to Our Lady it is sometimes hard to have that connection with Jesus.
At present I feel really close to Jesus,but feel sad that I can’t bring Our Lady into focus in my mind so much.
Is this common?I pray a couple of rosaries a day and wear the scapular and a miraculous medal,but I wish I could feel real aware love and closeness to both Mary and Jesus at the same time.
Any suggestions?

If you consecrate yourself to her each morning, and ask her to help you do everything with her, by her, in her, and for her, that will give you the “close connection” you are seeking. During the day you can say short prayers to Jesus and Mary while you are working, offering it up.


Thank you for your replies:)

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