Follow Christ? what do I give up?

I believe that the more we let go of the world and let God and fall in love with God the more grace we are given and the more we will realise how little we really know and will want to attain more grace, thus giving yourself more readily to God to attain the graces God wishes that person to have.

Probably the most beautiful gift a person could be given with the grace God would give is to be asked, invited, or chosen to suffer in the suffering of Jesus Christ.
I can only say never run away from that gift if it is asked of you.Remember God NEVER gives His children more than they can take, He has gone before them to prepare the way, and He is there if they want to speak to Him. :clapping:

God bless

B][FONT=“Microsoft Sans Serif”]“Many are called but few are chosen”, we must be ready to let go of this world to follow Christ where ever that cross may take us!:amen[/FONT]:


I love the quote from St Francis de Sales about the cross we each are given being one that has been carefully chosen and anointed by the Lord for us, and tested carefully by Him to see that it is not too heavy for us to bear.

Just the thought of the words Jesus gave to me and the ones you have repeated shows me the versitility and the richness of God’s loving heart for each of His children.
Thank you LilyM

God bless

Dear Lily,
Thank you for this posting … last night I was inspired to order St Francis de Sales’ book last night mainly for the comment you quoted regarding the crosses we are given. Thank you for posting this - I take it personally as a confirmation from God through you. Please pray for me in my struggles.

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